Repair kits and damaged bionics

I dont really understand how this works - so I appreciate if someone can elaborate:

  1. When a bionic is damaged in battle, does it stop working? Or does the body part need to be disabled first to stop working.

  2. Will a Technician ‘re-enable’ body part ability also repair the augment or it just heals the body part?

  3. How does a Repair Kit work? Does it re-enable and repair a body part in battle? Or repair only?

  4. If a bionic is damaged but you don’t repair it, but go to base to fully heal, it still says the augment is broken. Where is the augment HP exactly - sounds like it’s separate from body part hp?

Luckily I have anything to test it, here we go …

The bionic body part needs to be disabled to stop working, so it is the same as with normal body parts.


“Field Medic” repairs it, heals 20 HP, +10HP of the disabled bionic body part and also restores 10 armor on it.


The Repair Kit re-enables and completely heals the disabled bionic body part, but don’t restore any armor and heals also for 20 HP overall.


Normal disabled body parts are automatically restored (i.e. fully healed) after a mission, bionic body parts are not (but the armor is fully restored). The lost HP of these parts and re-enabling them out of a mission and can only be done by “Repair” them.



Edit: I found no way to get the detail body part view out of a mission, but I simply start a mission after healing but without repair and the broken bionic body part still had no HP, even when my soldier was fully healed. But the Repair Kit can fix that in one go (re-enabling and fully restoring all HP of the bionic body part).


Wow thanks! Very detailed and much appreciated!

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Nice to know that field medic fixes bionics, I didn’t know about that! It’s pretty expensive to repair them.

It fixes it only partly, in my case 30 of 60 HP, even when description says only 10 HP (I assume the +20 comes from the general heal, but not sure). So there were 30 HP left to repair, but it is cheaper of course.