Technician repair is not repairing turret?

I have tried to reload turret to see if we can make it useful more rounds, but enemy destroys it before ammo is depleted. And technician repair seems to not work on the turret. I mean it restores visual HP, but I think in the background turret still has the same HP as before repair and next 2 or 3 bullets destroy it while it is on “full HP”. Or maybe turret has it’s own “body parts” but not shown to us, and one of those parts is disabled making whole turret destroyed. And as technician repair don’t restore HP to those body parts then it is “finished” while they go away even with main HP restored.


Hmm, that’s interesting. Yeah, I’m not sure if the Tech is supposed to be able to repair turrets, or if not, why the turrets look like they’re being repaired in that case. Try playing through the game and see if you can replicate the bug and use the bug feature to report it, or make a video (if you can) to really help the dev team :o I might try looking for this glitch too.

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Yeah, at present time I see no way to repair turret. If anyone has a solution, let us know.
Another “to do” for BB2+

You mean BB3 - we won’t be releasing an update for Build 2

Fully aware of, name is purely hypothetical.