I can't heal bionic soldiers?

I don’t know what’s going on, this issue just suddenly started with the bionics that I didn’t earlier.
I payed the resources post mission, but they still say “injured”. Resting in medbay doesn’t help them either, they just stay at their current hp level forever.

I see something about a repair button on bionic and/or inventory screen, but I don’t see it? Am I missing something, or is this a bug?

It appears the issue has extended beyond bionics. One of my soldiers that isn’t healing has the armored head mutation, and no other augments.

Edit: I"m a dummy in the case of the mutation one: that med pay was still under construction

It has just suddenly started working again.
I would delete this thread if I could, as I can’t seem to reproduce any of the above; the repair button only appears if you have not repaired the soldier with the post mission option, as I confirmed; this apparently is just the “limb health”, and not the “general health”.

Oh well, gotta make myself look like a fool every once in awhile. Really loving the latest update btw!

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