Is there any way to repair gear or broken arms during fight?

just wondering. that would be cool.

Gear - not in current implementation. And I’m not sure if it will be possible in final game. (I think we should be able repair it at least for some extent - making it fully functional during the battle would be too much, but with tech in team I think it should be possible to make something usable at least partly).

Broken body parts - can be healed by Technician Heal (you need to switch to Mech Arms with technician).

Okay :smiley:

but u cant fully heal them izzit ? it`s just heal abit health for the gear

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Well… Ability description doesn’t say how it works? Or maybe it was in manual. Ok, little explaining below:

Each unit, no matter if human or alien, small or boss, vehicle or living has two types of HP. Main pool and separate pools for each body/vehicle part. When HP from body part are out then that part is ‘broken’. When main HP are out unit dies. Enemy hitting body part with bullet decreases both body part and main HP. Explosives are calculated differently because they hit many body parts at once but they decrease main HP only one time.

Technician can use his Mech Arms to heal biologica units and repair mechanical units. Repiring is simple and it only restores 8 HP from main pool of mechanical unit. But healing restores 6 HP of main pool and 1 HP of all body parts. And you can use this healing when bilogical unit has at least 1 point of main HP less than it’s maximum.

So answering your question. You can fully heal main HP pool of units, but you probably won’t fully heal all body parts (unless enemy was hitting all body parts for minimum damage).