Odd: Hitting a Totally Diabled Body Part Still Deal Damage

Early on, I assumed one needed to keep taking shots at body parts that weren’t disabled, to keep inflicting damage. However, I have discovered one can continue to hit a body part that is totally void of HP and still inflict damage equal to the weapon used. Just seems odd that hitting something that is devoid of HP removes HP. Then again there a few enemies (e.g., Spawnery) that can have more total HP than adding up the various body parts’ HP.

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If it wasn’t the case, the level 6 sniper perk would be worthless.
But I can understand why it seems strange.

Disabling head or torso doesn’t kill, it’s a game :wink:.


I’d even argue it should do more damage. Getting your open wounds fired into has got to be even worse than having healthy flesh eat a bullet.


Disabled and Destroyed aren’t the same. A disabled leg for example could be broken, a disabled head could mean temporarily blinded in one eye or got your bell rung and can’t focus. It makes perfect sense why in that case disabled heads don’t kill and disabled legs can still take damage, it’s an abstract stand-in for all manner of injury.


But 0 HP left and one can still manage 100+ damage?

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I think PP 2nd patch was like you mention above, any disabled parts has negative effect that add more damage *which is great. But current patch are nerfed somehow, there are no some unique effect to shot disabled part now but a generic shooting assist and aim - why devs why!? it’s unique feature and fun, it’s encourage player to use your aiming assist in the game feature.

When it comes to body parts think of it more like “Durability” instead of “HP”. When it drops to 0 durability the leg will no longer support the weight, the arm/hand can no long hold the weapon properly, and so on. They aren’t blown off just crippled so yeah why not another 100+ damage into the already damaged weak spot to bring the creature/person closer to death.

I didn’t quoted change, some parts lower speed, some parts disable skill or attack, some parts lower max HP for various amounts, some parts disable weapon handling, some parts lower Will or even Max Will too, more.

That disabled parts can be shoot at is not intuitive, but it’s a good mechanism against enemies. I’m a lot more skeptical on player side as it makes the system like very RNG.

I’m trying to understand what you said above. My point is that player should have more advantage to beat AI’s with reasonable parameter without loosing the fun factor and player have more depth for having certain way to deal with it in combat, in this case was disabled body part looks odd that still have damage from OP perspective which I’m at the opposite side.

For instance shooting AI body parts thru small hole of gap between object/props which is fun and great immersion that aim down to sight can be so intuitive for player in TBS game rather than just being a cosmetic. But that is different topic to discuss :sweat_smile:.

It’s one of the design trap of the game, it go though, but it’s almost a paradox. The ballistic system is the most fun through precise aiming, and the less fun because too OP through too precise aiming.

For my play, the various aiming nerfs changed a lot my play into more RNG and more bets. That said I don’t abuse of aiming bonus through armors, this could be the reason of this effect. But more precise going to too precise and less RNG has its negative on gameplay fun.

Ikr :laughing:.

I think we have the same track Zzzz. PP’s has very good feature in their game for such TBS genre - which I like about it, it has action, micro management, strategy and tactic mixed with RPG element and all those element has a nice depth if the devs implement them as intend to. And would be impressive if the devs could improve them more :grimacing:.

They have plenty mixed stuff inside and stitched them together but some of those element are being too good or being too much weak, so obvious those part need to be adjust/tweak. More important the devs should be the bridge for all player expectation because everyone has their own expectation.

Anyways, I’ll stop here because driven into different topic to discuss thou. My apologise OP :pray:.

I actually do not understand what a disabled head is. Neck broken? No, the unit can still move around. Blinded? No the unit can still see enemies. It makes no sense to me what this game is doing with body parts. Head on 0hp = head blown off - now that makes sense and would be very cool!

Way too easily exploitable. A disabled head could mean temporarily blinded in one eye or got your bell rung and can’t focus. “Disabled” is just an abstract stand-in for all manner of temporary injury which is why it goes away as soon as the mission ends and why Techs can heal disabled parts during missions.


Those cosmetic gore stuff is good idea for ‘finisher’, some moment before being killed than just plain ragdoll.

I’m OK for disabled head = dead … as long as they give the head the same HP than the soldier.
No more WP loss, yipeee.

Plus they could put us up against Hydras or Ettins (things with multiple heads), haha

When an arm is disabled, shooting again and again shouldn’t cause more loss HP. e.g. The Arthron’s arm is gone and destroyed. Continued hits to a disabled torso is when I see more HP loss makes sense.

You just prove my point that destroyed and disabled aren’t the same thing. The destroyed arm as you point out is gone and so can’t be damaged any more while the disabled torso, like the disabled arm or head, is still there and so can still take damage.

I can inflict damage by hitting the “missing” arm. If it’s visible it can be hit.