Underwhelming Cybernetic augments

#1. Rocket Leap sucks. short range, cost 1 AP? A regular WALK can move further… Please make Rocket Leap a passive ability (no AP, WP cost to activate) allowing soldiers to automatically jump over obstacles (instead of walking around it) and jump up to reach higher elevation.

#2. Demolition should not cost any AP nor WP - just toggle on/off if we wish to plow through walls. In early game, with meager weapons, shot then run/hide is preferred; but having to spend 1 AP to activate it, how can one run/hide afterwards. In late game, soldiers have max speed; there is no need to bust through walls when one can just run around them.

#3. Please redesign the 3rd tier chest armor; it is a joke. what happened? PURE forgot to bring a bottle opener so they built it directly into their chest?

#4. Repair kit do 40 heal only? How many must I bring per mission??? Likewise, I would need to bring regular med kits too as one part of the body is sill flesh! Having said that.

#5. Allow augmenting all 3 body parts. It is ridiculous to bring 2 types of heals.
Triton: “Look at this guy! he has cybernetic implants!”
Siren: “Wait! He does not have a Med Kit. Shoot his flesh part!”
Triton: “Good Call!”

The only redeeming quality of Cybernetics is the Armor. But Jerico’s heavy armor is almost as good, so why bother with Cybernetics then?

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Agree, with the exception of the exaggerations. A normal movement without any buffs doesn’t get much further than jumping with this “Rocket Leap”, as well as 5 tiles for 1 AP with a maximum skilled speed of 20.

And I would prefer to increase the range instead of making it another 0AP ability.

I have no real opinion on this, I just don’t use the heavily armored bionic torso, IMO it is simply not worth losing the jet jump.

Matter of taste, I like it, looks fancy.
But your comparison: :rofl:
Only one remark, it is a Synedrion tech, the Pure only steal it.

It’s main functionality is to repair broken limbs on bionics and heal the HP of this limb, the general HP heal is more or less a little bonus.
It is more like the Field Medic skill of the technician but for bionics only.

Here I have tested the difference between the Repair Kit and Field Medic:

Long story short:
It is the only tool that is available to repair (re-enable) disabled limbs (of bionic body parts) beside the Technician or the Aspida and not an additional medkit. If one wants to heal soldiers generally than the medkit is still the way to go.

Just for clarification, Medkits heal general HP and it is irrelevant that the soldier is augmented with bionics. That said, medkits are always useful and Repair Kits as also Field Medic of a Technician are more special tools / abilities to re-enable broken, disabled limbs.

And as it is with many other things in the game, the explanation of the Repair Kit in the game (and the wiki) is simply weak and not enough:
Repairs 40 Hit Points (augmented body parts aka Bionics only).
Nothing said about the main use case for this tool, a player has to find it out by trial and error or is unsatisfied as the OP.

Edit, forgot one:

See above #4, medkits heals always, regardless of bionic or not.

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