Reinforcements - question?

How reinforcements work in PP? Sometimes they spawn and they do nothing but sometimes they shoot or move.

Maybe if they have you in their site that act, if not no?

I’ve noticed it too, bit not really thought much about what the difference is on it

They now are alerted when the appear. This way they may react more quickly.

But how many action points do they have when they appear? 4? Like, can they spawn and in the same turn use 4 AP?

Reinforcement should spawn with 1 AP only, if not then it is most likely a bug.

I personally never saw them shooting direct after spawn, only moving a bit in cover, Arthrons using their shields but that’s it.

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I’ll try to test that, I could swear i saw them shooting multiple times. Like sniper spawning and doing its thing.

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If they act like having more than 1 AP after a spawn, it probably is a bug.

But also devs have changed that we no longer see spawning units unless we have line of sight at them. So maybe they have spawned in previous turn and they act normally when you already see them.

Thanks. Good to know.