Bug introduced in new patch

After the new patch I can’t use electric reinforcement. Yet another handicap on top of the ones in this stupid patch.
I have been very supportive and understanding that this is a new game in a genre I love, but even I am wearing down.
Please fix this game. The stupid moon mission battle, nerfing assault weapons (nearly worthless already) not nerfing Dash correctly. Come on, stop screwing with things until you have a proper rebalance ready and stop introducing new game killing bugs. It’s already time consuming enough with the lair missions, so introducing new bugs and forcing reloads just adds to the frustration.
I don’t admit to understanding the economics of making games, but all the complaints about so many bugs can’t be helping sales. It seems like fixing this should be a priority before patching gameplay. I hope you get it together, because, when you can play, it’s a great game.


Lol really? Reading vaguely your post, I wondered if you smashed the monitor or the keyboard. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well, it probably would have been funny when I watched the game freeze. I was pretty annoyed (substitute other words if you like).
Here’s the thing. I am on a glide path the finish the game. Troops are well set up. After doing The Schism mission, on to Moon mission. Decide to stop on first moon mission on Jan 15. Start post patch on Jan 16 and all my carefully classed and weaponed troops are now much less effective. No biggie I think, because I know I can get around these changes with a few different weapons and tactics. In the meantime, I will just slog through the Moon mission, then retool my weapons / troops a little and continue on. So, I start doing the moon mission. Within a few turns it’s so bugged that only one of my soldiers (out of nine) can move. Fine, I will figure out how to avoid that, which takes a bunch of time. So, it finally looks like I am near the end of the Moon mission earlier today and decide to rush my Assault and Assault Berserker to finish a couple of Arthrons quickly. I am hoping for some panic, but pretty sure I am going to take some incoming. No problem I think. I have been making sure I have enough WP’s on my Technician for electric reinforcement. Hit the electric reinforcement then BOOM…get the freeze. Reload, same thing. So end turn without electric fence and my Berserker Assault (as I feared) is machine gunned 3 times and goes down. Rage quit. Later restart and see if electric fence will work without freezing. Nope. Then write about the bug and have you comment - it made me LOL! Made my day :slight_smile:

The “game” is not break any glass. That said tactically it’s also a good approach in this mission, but there’s always some glasses broken, so it’s also about keep soldiers in groups so none is suddenly isolated. This is no way from last patch, I played this mission before it, at least paths suddenly blocked was here, enjoyed the mission anyway, it was different. I didn’t tried trigger the rocket, I wonder if it ends the mission.

They’re working on it friend. It’s going to take some time because there’s a tonne to fix. It’s better that they do it in stages than in one massive patch because it means they can more easily catch new issues that get introduced with the changes and fix them. I totally understand your frustration. I’ve stopped playing for now. But there’s no way they can just magically fix it all in a couple weeks.

Yes, played carefully, not breaking glass. I actually figured out which areas are bugged. So, take a small chance, figuring I have electric reinforcement, then…bam. Seriously, how can you anticipate that?
Fortunately, I am laughing about all this and you were very helpful in getting me to reach this point.

Until the last patch (after the patch before where they fixed a bunch of “freeze” bugs) it wasn’t crashing. Sorry, but there was no good reason for this last patch and the fact that they introduced another freeze bug on top of it is total BS. Sorry, I get that you may need to fix the game in a series of patches, but when you introduce a set of completely stupid changes (yes, i know some were necessary, but some are just ham handed. Dash needed to change, but they changed it in the poorest possible way. Nerfing near useless assault weapons? Really?). I have plenty of patience, but not for what looks like total stupidity. I will say it again, get your @#%!@#% together.

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Huu? I doubt it, it’s everything when there’s glasses broken not too far. It can be part of an area, or full of same area, and so on and so on. But again this mission is a lot of fun, they need fix it not remove it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well said. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think I have it figured out pretty well. If you stay on the roof there isn’t an issue. If you stay on the 2nd floor and fire from the stairway you don’t get “frozen.” If you get outside on either the left of right of the rocket you don’t get frozen. I agree it is a cool mission if it worked right. I hope they fix it for me and everyone else. BTW - I did get passed the mission, but I have not played since.
I might play more if I were sure there aren’t anymore bugged missions or I don’t have to deal with lairs with no path (they supposedly fixed that in the patch. If it’s true, that is a relief.) Hopefully, sometime in February before new content is introduced they will fix enough for me to finish.

There’s eventually various bugs, for me it wasn’t soldier blocked but path suddenly blocked, and each time it was after glasses broken but not even very close for all case.

Reloaded twice but third time I put more care and could go through it and even have a very fun mission.

Did you find any more game stopping bugs after the moon mission? If not, I might continue. Would love to finish game.

No but I get stopped for NJ relationship, mission not spawned for 50+. And with Anu I didn’t go further than 50+ because I didn’t want do their next mission.

But yeah no more mission with those glasses and blocked paths bugs, but they jest need fix the problem, and then provide a few more original missions like it.

Thanks. I did the stupid Virophage Injector ending (didn’t like it at all, just what came up in order of research). I have decided to test the other endings :slight_smile:
All good, much happier that there aren’t any more crazy bugs.
You’re right, a few more original missions with great maps would make the game even better.
I will be happily waiting for DLC after finishing the other endings.

Well you are warned more than once about this end. :slight_smile:

True, true. I did finish the Synedrion and Anu endings. Happy camper.
Now fix game and bring DLC so I can start again. BTW - next time will do Ironman / Legendary whatever they call it so no going back. It will go so much faster next time.

What the hell. After the patch i have only and always two spiders in my gun. Cant shoot 3 in one Action. And the Piranha is out of ammo… Why isnt there a hotfix for those two issues???

Haven’t seen the issue with the Piranha but saw the issue with the spider pistol. A bummer too because one at a time is much less effective.