Game now very good balanced, but

I very much enjoy playing now since Leviathan.

Especially being able to max out soldiers is really cool.

Just balance the Acid damage and everything is in the greens.

Just had 4 Sirens 1 Mortar chiron 4 arthrons (mg/grenades) 3 tritons on rookie on 02/01/2047 thats not good balance xD

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How did you get Sirens on the 2 of January ?
I don’t even have my first nest after 2 days.

1st of february, sry no native english speaker

Oh yes. Month and day are reversed.

I’ve been really happy with the game since Leviathan. I’ve not encountered anything that I’d consider impossible.

I didn’t even have to start from a new game either. The changes flowed through to my current game. Massive improvement.

Nice work devs. I may actually beat this game.

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I’m very happy too, especially with the new skill points.

But for me I’ve started twice now in South America, which makes recruitment a bit of a hard slog. Trying to get out of the American continent and defend it against slower attacks and expanding the rest of the world is quite challenging. Ironically easy to get to the Antarctic which was where some special missions were spawning. But it was probably always a bottleneck.

I’m a little cautious of the Pure, but that’s probably because I haven’t worked out some effective strategies against them yet.

Allrightythen, Game is now ready to play? Time to re-install. Loved this game but it was sort of broken part way though.

Oh, and new DLC soon? Thing are looking good.

It’s not perfect as there is the proficiency bug in there at present. This has the knock on effect of not allowing your troops to equip weapons via proficiencies gained via skill points. It doesn’t remove such weapons if you had them equipped before the patch, but it will make it so that you don’t see them in the item list (from that trooper).

For me it’s not a deal breaker, and more of an annoyance, as due to it your not able to make the best out of your troops.

You can still equip those ‘non proficient’ weapons when you manually set the class filters on the left side of the inventory screen.