Changes after 16DEC19 patch

G’day Folks,

I just wanted to add my say after the latest patch, just a little bit.

Firstly, I want to say I’m really enjoying PP, it’s such an amazing game. So much future potential for it too! I’m looking forward to the first few DLCs

However, there’s a couple of changes in the new patch that I didn’t like, or think aren’t working as intended.

I REALLY hate the change to “enemies spotted”. The way it was originally was perfect. Your soldier would stop mid move/dash if there was a sudden unexpected enemy too close for comfort. But in all other “sighted” cases, they would continue on their merry way.

Now, you have to click to move a soldier numerous times, because they spotted an egg across the map, then an Arthron, then an egg, then a Triton… Each time the camera bounces back to your fighter too, so it’s not even just clicking a lot, I have to reposition the camera… /rant

Why the change?

Secondly, in what I can assume was an effort to limit the abuse of the Technician class (with that free bash glitch), you have completely undone the perk that reduces the AP usage of the arms, by 1. So now everything is back to normal AP usage. The perk does nothing now (unless things like picking up turrets now costs 3AP normally?)

Other than that, I liked all the other changes and welcome them. I look forward to some future tweaks as needed, here and there.

My 2c,

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While talking about “enemies spotted” change, I guess there could be an option in gameplay menu to simply turn it on or off. It could even be customisable so you could choose which enemy should it be connected with.


That would be an excellent option! Allow selection of the distance beyond which you don’t want to be notified if an enemy is spotted. Very cool. However, I’ve now played a while with the change and it’s not that hard to live with it, so I’d suggest this new featured be assigned a low priority.

The easiest change might be 1/2 perception range or something like that so while a soldier might see enemies at the farthest they can perceive the soldier knows they don’t have to respond immediately.