Plz, Stop infinite reinforcement

I’m trying really hard to enjoy this game for over an year, but there are so many issues with this game. The most annoying being infinite reinforcements. Doesn’t make sense and it’s broken. I don’t know how else to put it.

Agreed. It’s pretty much a idea left on the floor. It has some great ideas never really done!

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So in a world overrun with thousands of millions of pandoran creatures and where humans count by the tens of thousands and are fighting desperately and against the clock against extinction, you expect to go into missions in the world and not to be overwhelmed by the number of enemies? Missions where you hit/accomplish specific targets/objectifs and run the hell out of there as fast as you can, make all the sense to me. Specially when with Phoenix you have a very limited number of operatives at your command.

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Human factions have Infinite reinforcements as well. Don’t try to role play a poorly done game design. Even if phoenix is outnumbered Infinite for even the pandorians is to much. If you want to rationalize, pandorians aren’t all located in one place to justify infinite reinforcements. I think they could skip a couple of turns. Like one minion every other turn. Not every freaking turn.

Well human factions military forces also outnumber by many in the order of the hundreds/thousands to one.
Remember that pandorans seem to have some sort of telepathic connection and specific agenda against mankind, constantly adapting to the weaponry and tactics used against them. So they are there hunting for us.

In my opinion PP has to be approached (at least at the start) on a hit and run strategy and in my opinion that adds tension and fun to the game.

In some games the player can’t fight and win every battle and PP is one of those.

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If you try to disable their weapons/arms and not killing them then you can get a break for the time that they retreat out of the map… :slight_smile:

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I am using this tactic, but still not enough. The incoming reinforcements get you out in the open. XCOM 2 were a better game. Balanced yet very challenging.

You are trying to hard to role play a bad game design. Your are a fan boy, so your opinion carries no value .

To be honest I’ve never had any problems with the reinforcements and I would not consider it “bad game design” I usually play through the missions rather quickly and barely even notice them (having been cured from the “Stay in cover and overwatch syndrome” helps. Remember you’re not playing XCOM.)
In general lore wise it absolutely makes sense and I like that it prevents the player from just clearing out a scavenging site and loot everything since they are not designed to be completely looted(however in the early game they usually get completely looted anyways…)

Few tips if you’re having problems(Might not apply to legendary difficulty since I’ve been playing on hero the last couple of years):

  • Don’t overuse overwatch
  • Don’t take to much ammo and medkits into a scavenging site (so you wont get overencumbered as quickly)
  • do scavenging sites early so the enemys are rather weak
  • in general pretend you see the XCOM turn limit on every mission and don’t take to much time (exceot haven defence).
  • some missions are designed to be extracted from so don’t always feel the need to kill everything.
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Those are good strategy, and I’m already using them. But it doesn’t matter on legend. Especially when they bring two Chirons to the battlefield. Insane.

It is normal game design. You have reinforcements instead of timer. Timers look artificial and are mostly bad game design, and reinforcements are not as such, as they completely fit with the lore.

The problem isn’t reinforcements. It’s the Infinite part that makes no sense. If reinforcements come every other turn would be a more balance way to pressure the player.

Oddgod, this game is or would be an excellent game if not for all the flaws which since the designers are done with it will never get better. Lets hope what ever game they come up with next is better. You are not alone


If you don’t like the game stop playing and forget about it.
Therefore all this whining makes me think that you nothing but a troll and your opinion carries even less than no (negative! :P) value.

Why it makes no sense? Did you read lore of the game? You know what would make perfect sense? If there would be another set of monsters of the size like the one starting on the map, coming each turn - not single monsters. But developers needed to balance it to single or two monsters to not overwhelm the player.

And same with human soldiers in havens. It is strange that you enter haven and you fight only few soldiers, when there should be hundreds of them.

Only thing that is strange are Forsaken or Pure in scavenge missions (but are there reinforcements then?). Of course there could be bigger task force around and these reinforcements would make sense, but still we don’t know anything about surrounding place.