Unable to find my game

OK for some reason I had to make a new account ( I have been gone for awhile). but somehow I seem to no longer be able to find or launch the game. has stuff changed that much?
yes I played for a bit then had to delete it off hard drive to make room for AC Odyssey now I’m trying to re-download it and cant find it anywhere, plus when I tried to log in it said there was no account by that name or email.

are you trying to download from xsolla or Epic?

Only option I get is to buy it again

which backer build were you playing before?

I think it was 4.

In any case you should have received a mail from Snapshot Games from 27.03.2019 including a BB4 Key for Epic. BB5 will be automatically updated from 4.

If you didn’t used epic before it will be BB3, so you have to install the epic launcher and if you can’t find the mail you should write to contact@snapshotgames.com.

Nope, don’t remember seeing any email. Sent email to contact@snapshotgames.com but have yet to receive answer. Seems like every time the do a new backer build I loose my game.

You sent an email to us on October 9th at 6:09pm UK time. I replied at 6:11pm UK time.

The email was to inform you that Backer Builds 4 and 5 were through the Epic Games Launcher as your email indicated that you were still using the retired Snapshot/Xsolla launcher.

You have since not responded to that email, over 48 hours later.

Your Epic Games Store key was sent to you on Match 27th along with all other customers. Our records show that is was never opened, so probably got caught up in your spam/promotions folder. I will resend the key again via email now.

Thank you very much

OK Ive Looked in my email, Gray mail and spam filter and see nothing from you guys…

I sent the second email with the key the moment after I replied to you on here. I didn’t receive any notification that the email couldn’t be or wasn’t delivered.

I’ve sent you the information via the forum’s DM system, given emails don’t seem to be reaching you.

Sorry , but because of my job I cant get to my emails but 1 maybe 2 times a week

Getting a 19009 error….Code redemption failed. Please contact customer service with the code you entered.