Improve difficulty in Final Mission – Update it with Myrmidons, Acherons, etc

Final Mission should be the ultimate challenge in the game… but when reach there, player has a super uber team of nine super humans that destroy everything easily and don’t have a single causality. It is a walk.

So in order to improve the challenge of it, I suggest:

  • Add the acid and venom myrmidons
  • Add Acherons
  • Add the best Scyllas
  • Add more chirons with explosives and acid bombs
  • Add more Praetorians Sirens and Snipers

The Final Mission is the same that without DLCs and has no challenge now

Canny votation: Improve difficulty in Final Mission – Udate it with Myrmidons, Acherons, etc. | Voters | Phoenix Point

Wouldn’t really change much, since endgame ubermen clear everything they see in one turn. Enemies don’t get to have a turn, except when spawning in boss chamber.

And Imo, myrmidons are broken by design and I’d rather forget they exist. Too much hp for their size, no capture or vivisection research, attack range so large it’s unavoidable unless you insta-gib them.

Ugh. Final mission begs for redesign, not adding more challenging enemies.


I agree, redesign and much more enemies and difficulty. It should be the ultimate challenge and a good fight to super human late game team.

Not only final mission needs improvements, also base defense, but I am afraid those are not happening

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Base Defense needs much more improvement because the impact in the game and the lots of time it happens. Need much more powerful enemies (Acherons, Myrmidons, even Scylla), consequences if lose base and much less mutagens get from farming pandoras.

I got 1000+ mutagens in each base attack just paralying ALL pandoras force when i could get 20+ soldiers waiting for them

I don’t get anywhere near that many mutagens from a base attack. You’d have to build an entire squad dedicated to just capture and it sounds like you have but for the normal players who aren’t looking to min/max everything that is kind of a crazy investment.

I’m pretty sure if they built the game around your playstyle no other playstyle would be viable. I run out of mutagens constantly, I think a lot of players do, that’s why they increased the box value in lairs.

Offer of Mutagens in Base Attacks | Voters | Phoenix Point

Final mission is scripted and set in stone, so from what I understand nothing from DLCs is going to be there.

Mission would need to be completely changed to adjust to full Pandoran evolution tree.

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“Mission would need to be completely changed to adjust to full Pandoran evolution tree”

That´s the point. Phoenix Team evolved and mission did not.

It is to easy and with to many weak enemies to be a challenge against a late game team. The scenario can be the same, the enemies should change.

Nothing is a challenge to a proper endgame team, because you can Rapid Clearance pretty much anything in one turn (with softening blows from efficient damage dealers like sniper/infiltrators and infiltrator/berserkers when needed). The only option would be something utterly ridiculous like packing many Scyllas in a single room, without smaller mobs so you can’t exploit them for morale damage.

Game is not balanced for true endgame teams, and you can’t really patch this by tweaking enemy composition.

That is not a solution at all, you can do the same without Level 7 skills and multiclass, because things like Viral and Acid will destroy all those Scyllas.

For me multiclass should be removed because the combo overpowers (that other human factions can’t do) and in my next (and final) playthrough after the Chaos DLC i will not use it. Anyway, it is a core point for the game and impossible to devs remove.

Eh, multi-classing is very fun and all base classes are incomplete by design, with intent to multiclass. This would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Everything is too deadly - not just the player, enemies as well, if you actually allow them to have a turn. Losing investment of literal real life days in your soldiers is just not an acceptable outcome, so I’d do whatever to prevent it (reload).

There are also other (mostly tedious and slow) ways to cheese the AI, I just don’t need them with a proper endgame team. AI has no target prioritization whatsoever, so using a lot of chaff (infiltrator decoys, worms, spider drones) is a guaranteed safe way to win too. Engineers can win by spamming turrets in similar way (though they aren’t as disposable). Warcry also has outsized influence for a single skill (that doesn’t even make sense, why does a walking-tank Scylla shit her metaphoric pants seeing a puny human scream).

And that is the reason why some of us don’t use War Cry, Turrets, Biochemist, Boom Blast and other stuff, and this was created: Skills rebalance proposal -

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I fully agree with the “Skills rebalance proposal” i guess devs just ignored it.

Many of these would be clear overnerfs, especially all combined. What is de-clawed player supposed to do once nothing really works anymore, but most enemies can still kill a soldier just as easily in a single un-countered turn?

Plus many of them are crafted with explicit intent of killing all skill synergies. Synergies should still be there, there just should not be one option to trump them all.

Skills would still work, and player would need to adapt tactic to survive - other tactic than “mark, fire and forget”.

But don’t worry. These proposals won’t happen. Snapshot is too afraid to make casual players sad.


No, just no, the whole document was made in the intention to show up the problems, the issues that all the mentioned skills had in the build when this document was created (some of them don’t exist any more in the current build, like Vanish for instance). The suggested changes where maybe not entirely thought through, they were mostly some ideas to give possible solutions, suggestions and not meant to be blueprints to make it exactly as described and really not in the intention to “kill all synergies”.

Again, the main point of this document are the issues and not really the suggestions.

This is an attempt at identifying OP skills (and a few other items in the tactical layer), describing why they are OP and presenting suggestions.

EDIT: … and:

The discussions focused on issues, rather than solutions. Some suggestions appear to be generally well-liked, while others are only liked by a few; as a rule, these suggestions should be taken as attempts at solving the issues, rather than as preferred solutions.

If there are other ways to “fix” the described issues then I guess none of the authors (including myself) would have a problem with it as long as it really fixes it.
If you think some of these issues just don’t exist then you can start to discuss why you don’t think so. But simply criticizing or reject the given solutions as a whole, especially without going into detail and/or presenting an alternative, will not help to get anywhere.

Rapid Clearance looks reasonable, at least the less strict form.

But Sneak attack that is a skill (incompatible with other skills) and costs 4WP for only 50% damage?
That’s exactly the case of intentionally killing synergies and skill itself.

Or Boom Blast nerf. Vidar + Boom Blast is one of two major reasons for ever making an assault/heavy (sacrifices mount due to vengeance torso). Vengeance torso is suggested to be basically removed altogether as well, plus the above Rapid clearance nerf. Why would I ever make this class combo after the changes?

And that’s exactly the issue - you’d just create the new meta where most builds are not viable and for few that are, skills matter little anyway. It would probably be optimal to just spam skill-independent Spider drones or Worms with whole team at that point.