City on a Hill, defenders are too many

I know that it sounds weird, complaining about too many soldiers on my side,

but it looks a bit OP. I recorded the mission, 35 min. I brought my usual A-Team, 7 soldiers

Also AI did a few things very weirds with kamikaze defenders, and pathfinding , a NJ Heavy used his Dante FT against a solid wall (Pandoran behind the wall)

Yes, I know what you mean. I was hit by Chiron explosives and mind-controlled, but still the mission was won easily. I really didn’t help much!

What do you think would be possible if everything was like this?

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The only time I did this mission it was over before it even began.

The enemies were deployed so tightly and so close to my team that I had no choice but to kill nearly all of them on my first turn (and I played with all sorts of restrictions to prevent myself from doing precisely that).

That experience prompted me to start this thread About enemy deployment

I see now there is another side to this too, because of all the friendly defenders. Of course in my playthrough I only got to see them running aimlessly around panicked Pandas, displaying all the smarts of a Rictus Erectus…

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Enemy deployment is very poor in the game , I fully agree

I have read your post and those are interesting ideas, but it is complicated, devs will want easy implementations for haven defense,

and about scavenging sites, it is a lot of work to the overloaded roadmap I am afraid,
and those missions after next patch(fixed bug) with continous reinforcements will be hard enough,
and after mid game there are Acid Chirons, Sirens, a lot of nasty/tricky enemies

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I would be infinitely happy to leave this job to Moding, but it will be slowed down for another year.

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Nothing better than the Sniper who’s just gushing blood from all over, who decides to run into cover, only to then spend the rest of the AP to instead step back out into the open.