This is really a pain! As you have to keep going back to base wasting very limited time especially when your on the other side of the world and only found ONE base so far! You should be able to recover ANYWHERE… but much faster at the base of course! Like instantly when at base and slower when your in the field. But going back to base ALL the time is just not working…

And what if there will be more bases around the world?

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NO… And …NO… You recover at the base FASTER! But you should be able to recover anywhere, that is more real life. And having more bases is not the answer to this, it just needs a tweek to allow you to recover (all be it slower) when you not in battle. Because WHAT IF you don’t find anymore bases or they are ALL on the other side of the world, it is to random and they game has a time limit.


Actually, when I look on different kind of grendes, I always think: where is my smoke grenades, and flash grenades? Why tritons have mist-emitters, arthrons have shields, but not me? Then I look at med-kit and think: why we desn’t have hi-tech expendable (and expensive) boosters for stamina, AP, strength, speed etc instead of bugged will-spells? But then I remember about release date and close my mouth.

Is there something bugged?

boom blast is working strangely at least. Fast shot doesn’t give any bonus from time to time. armor break should work for melee obviously, etc. By the way, same as adrenaline rush should not help to shoot from sniper rifle by oneshot bursts.
Anyway I meant that hi-tech soldiers could have many reasons and ways to restore their stamina into aircraft-patrol. Because current fixed counter ‘4 battle-landings without penalties, then go to watch movies’ looks strange. By the way, what can soldiers do at the base, but what can’t they do on the board - sleep, eat, toilet? They even treat fractures on the plane!

I’m kind of hoping that the Haven system is expanded a little bit, where you can install and maintain some facilities at Allied havens in particular. Being able to install a small living quarters, radar tower, or mist repeller at an allied haven would be another reason to pursue reputation, resources and spend time actively patrolling.