Really Snapshot? Really?!?!?!

So, at the beginning of 2020 i took a break to let PP get “balanced”.This also gave time for the release of the new BaT DLC. Great… Coronavirus kicks in and gives me too much time on my hands… lets see whats happened… saw the patch notes… all seemed good with the difficulty spikes etc…

In I jump… all seems well and “the pure” mission kicks in… ooh cool this seems good… Then I see where the mission is… with a 10day time limit. I am in south America… just started… literally just located 2nd base… about to expand to mexico… where is the mission… South Africa… and I have 10days before the mission times out?

“Yea guys… bring the pain to NJ, you can rain fire and hell and help us out… yea cool! Oh by the way its F***ing miles away, you got a boat bro?”

REALLY? Unachievable objectives is still a thing Snapshot?!

4 days left and ive just made it to the tip of North America by rushing as fast as possible. So if this times out and i miss out on a storyline of the DLC… can anyone tell me why I shouldn’t demand my money back for the DLC? Yes its only a small amount but on principle…





Warmest Regards


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Might I point out the new roadmap? It is a known issue and they are investigating several solutions. You can provide constructive feedback on the Canny site. [Note the Snapshot proposed changes section for your issues being acknowledged and addressed specifically.]

thanks for swift reply…

  1. Its been a known issue since release. Sorry, that just doesn’t cut it anymore.

  2. Appreciate there is another site, but thats for constructive feedback, this is me asking for good reasons not to demand a refund for something horrible broken not feeding back something to improve gameplay? Though I will post on there if it will get the appropriate response.

Unfortunately, I highly doubt Snapshot has any leverage over Epic Games’ refund policy. However, they need to hear about issues that severely hinder game play.

You can reload last save before event and mission will spawn somewhere else

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“Appreciate there is another site, but thats for constructive feedback, this is me asking for good reasons not to demand a refund for something horrible broken not feeding back something to improve gameplay? Though I will post on there if it will get the appropriate response.”

Because we don’t live in an era of physical media where a single release means the death of the product. As long as Snapshot continues to support the title, it will improve and evolve over time. From No Man’s Sky to Warframe to now FO76, there are countless examples of titles “getting better” in this new era of “gaming as a service” as long as the developers can continue to support it and listen to fan feedback (within reason.) As you can see from the feedback tool, they are listening.

If you are dissatisfied and don’t like the game, by all means get the refund, but I would argue you’ll be missing out on where this game is heading by throwing it away over an issue that can and will be fixed.


Thankyou Magor.

Hi Daigoji

I think you have missed the point friend. This is entirely related to the DLC. I paid for it and the first event that pops up relating to it is unachievable. Which means it is broken.

It is the same as anything you purchase with consumer rights. If you buy a new TV and it doesn’t work… you take it back.

Whilst I appreciate they are working to resolve many of the issues (this is why I did not get a refund on the entire game…) we are talking about something that has been an issue since before initial release (I saw this in early access myself!) Also, it is only an issue because they have defined a timescale of 10days to get there. So the designer has specifically put a time limit there without considering whether it is achievable. That is just bad game design and shows yet again that the DLC like the base game was rushed. I’m all for them improving the game but all this does is make me think not only do I need to wait for the base game fixes. I have to wait for the DLC fixes as well? So I may as well come back in 2 years?

Surely you can appreciate that there has to be some level of accountability when you are taking peoples money. Once is forgivable, no one is perfect (this is why I did not get a refund on PP base game) and they are working to fix it. To release a DLC with the same bugs… lazy and comes across as money grabbing.

Fix the big “potentially campaign ending” bugs before working on DLC!! Or at least release the DLC in stages or use extensive beta testers or SOMETHING?!

OK… rant over… now l will try Magors idea of save scumming. :slight_smile:

True carver. But since it is already known there is no point me posting anything on the road map.

Its only 4 quid so I’m not bothered about the money. Its just the principle.

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Some missions are still unachievable. That doesn’t mean you will miss content of DLC. You will only miss that mission. Btw with new campaign or as suggested by Magor when loading a savegame, mission can spawn elsewhere. I’m not sure if that issue is reason to demand refund, but I think it is your right. Just as when you won’t like the colours of Synedrion helmets, or with some other more meaningful disadvantage that you will encounter.


Well, since Magor’s solution might work then there is no need to get a refund… but did you really just compare not liking the colour of the helmets to an aspect of the game that literally means you miss out on content you have paid for?

Imagine buying a gfx card. if its not powerful enough for your needs you will struggle to get a refund because it is exactly what it says it is. Now if it is operating poorly then it is not what you have paid for and are entitled to a refund.

Suprised you can confuse the two and heavily surprised that there are so many people that will defend something which has not been fixed for 6-9 months despite it literally able to alter your game experience by missing out on content…

You will not miss out any content other than the mission itself if you can’t reach it in time. You only get the content you have paid for a bit later in the game and of course you have to go the right way to get this special one part.

and the mission itself counts as “content missed” does it not? Or was “the pure” brought in before the BaT DLC?

Plus how would I know that? I haven’t played any of the content… AFAIK it could lock me off from further content by missing the mission… I havent even completed the full base game because I kept getting massive game breaking bugs and errors… which is why i decided to revisit 4-6 months later.

Don’t get me wrong btw guys, I do like the game, I love the concept and the idea… thats why I purchased early access… but you can’t really defend that this is wrong and has been for a long time!

I will not defend snapshot about this issue, I only want to help you and maybe some other players with this specific issue, that it isn’t over if you miss the mission. That’s all …
As I read on canny, Snapshot will do something about this starting missions on the other end of the world and yes, they should have done this earlier. I’m with you here.

Ahh ok fair enough. I really hope it is fixed because by god i can’t keep coming back to
this game even though i want to.

just to throw it out there… the save and reload option did not work… the location is clearly determined from initial geoscape spawn. :frowning:

You seem to like metaphors. Here’s one, you buy a PC from someone who built it from the ground up. They promise that it will run a certain way. It does not, but they tell you to send it back, we’ll upgrade it free of charge. They do this every time you encounter a problem. This is more like what’s going on. It’s a one time payment. It’s getting patched and fixed every day. Those fixes may not be released regularly, but they’re getting done every day. Now, if you don’t like where it’s going, or believe that they won’t get it done that’s different. Or if you don’t want to wait. You mention if you buy a new TV that doesn’t work you take it back. Well, yeah, and you’d probably get another TV back. Because a TV is not the same as a video game. At least not in this era. Something digital is not the same as something physical. Sorry for the long post, these metaphors really bothered me. In short, the reason you should refund would be if you don’t want to wait for improvements, or don’t believe that they would be improvements.


Yes, tried to use metaphors to explain a simple fact… but its clear your only interesting in defending everything. They could little drop a shit on your doorstep and you wouldn’t accept criticism.

So forget Metaphors for you and go back to the real simple easy facts (even though ive typed them above and your not interested in reading them). Fix a massive well known bug… or leave it and release DLC because that makes money. Its obvious which one they chose to do.

Just because they are fixing things regularly (Which I can see that and well done to them for fixing things that should never have been there in the first place because they ignored most of the early access issues being reported to them… ) does not get away from the fact they focused on releasing a DLC before fixing key things. Take your rose tinted glasses off because your a “community councillor” and just admit that this particular bug should have been fixed 6 MONTHS AGO.

Some people on forums just wanna argue for the sake of arguing. jeez.

P.S As far as consumer rights go, digital and physical share a lot of similarities FYI. Making something digital does not mean you can release something that does not function as intended.

Sorry for the long post. your rose tinted glasses response “bothered me” (See, I can be a cock on the internet as well, fun right?)

Never mind. I just felt your metaphors were a bit off. They didn’t really fit. I think they’re trying their hardest. I don’t like seeing metaphors that don’t quite fit correctly. I didn’t want to argue, just point out why you should or shouldn’t get a refund isn’t necessarily linked to the current product. Not if you want to wait. I didn’t mean to be mean. Everything I said was meant sincerely. I don’t like metaphors being used incorrectly. I don’t like a lot of things. I apologize if you felt I was rude. I won’t respond anymore if you feel that way.

PS What does me being a community councilor have to do with anything?

Also, I’m not good with social cues. :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe it should or maybe not. There were other, more important issues than “one of the missions spawning too far”. Yes there should be none of those issues at the release but here we are and we try to understand the situation. Not all went right during release but at least it is being fixed and even upgraded when the time goes by. We don’t defend developers, we describe situation. If that doesn’t fit for you then you can go and refund if that is what policy allows to.

Btw my comparison was viable. As when the colour of helmets could not be feasible to someone touchy about artistic value of the game. “I didn’t pay for pink hats on soldiers from my favorite faction, there should be more customization. Who designed it? It ruins my experience”. :wink: