We May Bitch & Moan ... But We Can Be Grateful As Well

I want to thank the Snapshot Games Staff and Support. While we may bitch & moan about every little and big thing (e.g. the last Missing Inventory Game Stopping Bug). I want it known that we can and are grateful for all of the effort you put in to help make PP a more enjoyable and playable game. Hopefully our bitching only helps make your skin thicker and doesn’t dishearten you.

Thanks again for your support, effort and the fast response with a fix.


If the game was free you’d have half a point. As it stands a game that wasn’t QA or play tested to an accepted standard is being done so by the paying customer. A little exasperation is to be expected I think. You see moaning I see free QA testing. :wink:


Indeed, I love PP despite it’s flaws and hope my criticisms largely come across as constructive to the devs, I try not to be venomous and keep my tongue firmly in my cheek. That being said, I’m not going to thank them for letting me pay to be a QA tester for them. That’s what the backer builds were for, I thought.

I will be specifically thankful for one thing though; x amount of them gave up a chunk of their weekend to attempt to fix the bugs that were recently introduced, and that’s genuinely commendable of them.


Totally agree and it’s worth mentioning that I’ve not seen one criticism of the Devs or even snapshot for that matter. The decision to release is probably out of their control. I’ve done six playthroughs and am on my seventh (in an attempt to unlock glitched achievements). It’s a love hate relationship! I sympathize entirely with the coders.

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Some dev comments highlighted there’s no contract obligation that forced it, so forget Epic or some publisher as a culprit. Past that, it’s only guesses.

As the patch was delayed 2 days, there’s QA. But 2 days clues also very short QA after a quick fix. It’s no AAA team, but the project complexity and production level (not polishing) is borderline AAA.

There’s many game genres I don’t play at all, but among the few game genres I play I only remind:

  • Kingmaker that was worse. Missing contents, a ton of bugs, unplayable parts as you progress in a campaign, multiple game breaking bugs, it was in fact a lot worse than PP. That said it took about 3 month to achieve something more acceptable, and 6 month for something looking like a release, at least out of light strategy layer. Weird designs choices never been changed, but that’s another matter.
  • Torment ToN, Wasteland 2, but they was very far to be as awful, more various aspects to tune and some design shifts. That said, WL2 real release was month later with DC edition.

But a RpG is a lot more complex than any tactical game.

Otherwise for some other games that could have seem have similar disastrous releases, it’s more a lot of fuss for some problems, but never at this level or I forgot.

But for me with PP I have a lot of fun anyway so it’s not a high nuisance.

This game has tremendous potential. Though the overall game balance mechanics are in a horrible spot atm. So to say something positive: Love the theme of the game, the X-com style, the story and the factions, the exploration and the combat. I think this game is fantastic.

The reason I’m so frustrated atm is due to player and enemy abilities and skills being unbalanced. Also the pace of the game in regards to difficulty spikes is very poorly balanced too. Currently the game is in a state where it punishes the player too hard for playing well. Enemy armor is way too high mid-late. There needs to be a cap to Nr. of elite units. For example meeting 4 sirens is GG for 99.9% of players. Some player skills are grossly OP and needs to be nerfed, but in turn they need to somewhat tone down the pandorans.

PP has the potential to rival or even exceed X-Com 2: War of the Chosen IMO, if the proper priorities, care and work is put into it. So I hope the developers stay strong and don’t give up on their vision. The idea of the enemy adapting to you and growing in strength is super awesome, but the execution is lacking.

I have to say that, I didn’t expect the lore and immersion in relation to the different factions to pull me in as much as it did. I’m loving that.


Everyone has the right to be frustrated with this game in the state it was released, especially now. Customers are tired of the same trends of rushed to release products, little to no QA, and a genuine “Just ship it and we can fix it in post-launch patches” attitude from game developers today. Had this come out a few years earlier, perhaps people would be more forgiving, but this industry has adopted a lot of trends that are not very consumer-friendly. Increasingly restrictive EULAs that strip the rights of consumers, predatory monetization on top of $70.00 titles, and more and more games being released in buggy, unfinished states. People simply expect more these days.


Blame customers create trends of rushed to release products! :rofl:. Today trend is quantity over quality.

If people “avid of money” do something it’s because it works, so yeah the first to blame are customers, it’s those that give money, they are the source of all, and fake they are innocent is plain wrong.

On start the problem is rather complex. For example:

  • Game genre and sub genre, no matter how it’s linked to a max number of sells to expect.
  • Design ambition level, the more complex the game, the more time it will require, the more innovative (not common) aspect it has, the more time it will require.
  • Production level, it’s for example 3D quality and detail level, sound, voice action, translations, many more.
  • Pure amount of content. At some point you need fix a target, it can’t be infinite.

So what? I would buy again 10 PP released in same state, and I’ll look very close before buy once Xenonauts 2. Even if Xenonauts was perhaps not toally clean and complete at release, it was a lot more than PP.

Xenaunots could be cool, but hardly that much fun for me, PP brought me a ton of fun, and states at release won’t change anything to that. That’s players like me that are responsible, if they do it it’s because it works and there’s enough people to buy to justify it.

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Nothing wrong having a lot of features, that mean player have huge in-game things to do, takes lot time
consuming to develop and more issue may appear. What I’m trying to say is I hope the devs didn’t driven much into ‘rush’ trend because of customers pressure.

The players pressure isn’t to rush, it’s pressure on ambition level and amount of features and amount of contents. And let face it, players or not, it’s the typical project that aimed too high. But it can end well in my opinion.

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I hope what you’re saying is true, because none of us knew their internal situation is except the devs team itself, but I believe they keep it professional.

Yes I wish the best for the devs and players as well. For me if the game within expectation, without hesitate I’ll get their upcoming DLC’s for sure.

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yeaa… NOP

As a Lovecraft fan, this game is perfect. Love the mood and all. Love watching my guys and gals die. I mean if I lose I lose.

I don’t have many hours in the day to play, but when I do I try take my time. That’s the fun part for me.

Actually the only thing I’d like is a brightness/gamma slider? A little bright for my dark ass tastes

Indeed, a big thanks for Snapshot staff and support.

Finished my first playthrough after the 2nd attempt. I don’t mind learning how a game works before you can play it. In my first attempt I only had 1 base when all the factions started to wage war and only had 1 airplane :smiley:
I like the lore and read all of the stories that have been released so it was nice to see bits and pieces of that in the game.
The interface is sometimes a bit… demanding. When you are doing the Synedrion 2nd to last mission for instance. Or how trading is very slow with only 1 click each time. Some things are really nice once you figured out how it works. The + ammo button in the inventory is very nice.
I also like the different classes and sub-classes and how you get to do a little bit of chess with their abilities in tactical.
Overal I really like the game. I’ll probably replay it a couple of times. For sure, when new DLC comes out because by that time I’ll be ready, I’ll be ready :wink:

In what terms that game is lovecraftian to you? There are crabs and other sea creatures but as a Lovecraft fan you should know better there’s much more than that (in his books). And what mood are you talking about? There’s no mood at all, you have your enemies put on the plate right away, there’s no fog of war, there’s no tension in missions, just regular firefights.


Oh, it’s still cosmic horror and direct reference to mythos. Not the best of the best, but isn’t bad either. Mythos universe expands greatly beyond Lovecrafts books so I wouldn’t be so harsh about the plot. :slight_smile: Saying this as faithful cultist to the Old Ones. :slight_smile:

The “cosmic horror” here is getting splattered into gibs left and right. If anything it’s a PP alpha team is what looks like a “cosmic horror“ from the perspective of Pandas.


Totally agreed.

It may have flaws but the game is very good and everyday is moving to be greater.


Yeah, you do have to feel sorry for the Pandas sometimes. Quite often, actually.

But to be fair it is getting better after each patch and at this point IMO it is clear that the balance issues will be taken care of, eventually.