Question to the Devs: Do you think the game is currently good enough?

I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but I would like to know if the Dev’s are satisfied that what they released is a complete and satisfactory game? I do not expect to get a response as whatever they answer shows they’ve screwed the pooch.

If your answer is ‘no we have more to do!’ Why release a half finished product? You just annoy your loyal customers and limit the chances of getting new people on board.

If your answer is ‘Yes we love it and its perfect the way it is!’ Then I beg to disagree. There is a lot here to be proud of and happy with, but too much to be done to call it a finished completed game.

Please give us some info about what your addressing and when we can expect fixes/patches.

The reason that came to mind is ; Epic Games.

They accepted a bunch of money for an epic exclusive deal of 1 year ( or 6 month, for what matter), but it came with a lot of different clauses, mostly including a max release date. As far i can tell, no official statement of the team about this (except for the fact they did have an exclusivity deal) but for having some friends devs on another epic exclusivity, they sayd that this came at a cost they didn’t expected, as epic almost became a publisher with all the downside that came with.

As of what’s adressed and when patch will came, some community managers already stated that they work right now on gamebreaking bugs in priority, and the patch will came with several fixes each time, spaced by a week or two from now.

I didn’t really care about the Epic deal, but it’s the only reasonable answer for the game to be released in such a state. Gollop is a highly experienced game designer, and some issues are so glaring it’s impossible not to notice them.

So yeah, Epic probably promised more money than Snapshot ever expected, but with some demands in return, one of them being a game release until the end of 2019. But NDAs exist to prevent such information to be released, of course. It’s all business.

So this is an Epic disaster? I had no issue with the exclusivity, but stupidity like rushing out games is very annoying.

Then again, the way the game’s direction has been going, maybe this will result in positive developments? Like some genuine technology development for your weapons and armour, instead of min-maxing specialisations.

The problem to that question is that there is really no answer the devs could post that wouldnt lead to a giant shitstorm.
The only somewhat diplomatic answer would be something like: “We are satisfied with the general direction but after the release we have to admit, that some aspects of the game are not working as intended and need more polishing.”
Unfortunatly a statement like that would lead right back to your theoretical response “Why release a half finished product”

So there is no way they could win an argument regardless of what it is.

pun intended? :smiley:


In light of todays publisher and or game developer policy of throwing it out there in any old state, while trying to mask the fact with a day-one patch that does s***, Phoenix point was a near darn perfect release.