Faction mission still poping on the other side of the planet

Started a game and wanted to ally with New Jericho to have lots of heavy hitters that jetjump and bash for insane amounts.

Unfortunately, I started in Algeria and the first NJ mission is in Graham Land (Antarctica). Come on !!!

Fortunately it’s the first one and restarting is kind of OK, but please don’t let it happen.

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I don’t know it lets a random aspect plays its game. In fact there’s probably missing more aspects like that contributing to make a campaign more different through RNG.

For example in this start, change, focus on another faction first.

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Already did the other factions. If I want to go full NJ, I’m not going to do an other faction.
In a first game, it’s OK, NJ far, let’s do Anu or Syn. There it is not the case.

  • Cake or Death ?
  • Cake please ?
  • No more cake
  • So I only have … or death ?

Common admit you can go full NJ anyway.

Yes, restarted.

Starting in South America. New Jericho’s first special mission is in Australia (gimme a break – not a game breaker). Anu’s first special mission is in Egypt. What a crapshoot! I know that they are random, but one would think there would be some logical rules that prevent them from spawning at unreachable locations from the starting point of the game.

So I’ve spent 9-10 hours of game time only to be flushed down the toilet by 2 unlucky rolls of the dice and poor game design logic. Perhaps if the game is going to cheat so will I… Console command tpv. But, that just doesn’t feel right. Come on Snapshot, stop with the game breaking antics.

They need to change how the travel is working, so any point on Earth is not hard to reach.

Yes that is a point which is awful but i dont see a topic or a response that they are working on it :frowning:

In the same style. You find the base in south africa, next base is south america. I agree that it’s probably the closest base if you look on the map … but … can’t cross the atlantic.
In the meantime, no more tips for other bases.

I think that you can vote for the following canny ticket :wink:

Just got my 2nd special mission for Synedrion. Still stuck in the Americas and I need to get to outer Mongolia for this mission. This is totally and absolutely WRONG WRONG WRONG!

To add to my misery, the factions have started their mutual assured destruction in only 5-1/2 weeks game time. So Europe, Africa and Asia will be a wasteland by the time I get there.

EDIT: The following week New Jericho wiped out 7 Synedrion havens in 24 hours.

I know that the situation looks difficult, but with my current playthrough, have been getting involved in helping defend all the different havens from other factions. The result being massive amounts of experience and resources enabling me to buy more soldiers to train them. My balance with diplomacy has generally remained balanced. You can’t be everywhere at once, so decision making is generally based in which havens provide me with my best resource and soldier needs. It’s a balancing judgement - unfortunately if you have no base reasonably close it doesn’t work. One downside I found was not having found enough bases to spend the resources on and consequently a much slower research rate. But this was my experience on just this playthrough.

I hate this too.
But games is probably not meant to save all havens…