Really Baker's Build, Ultimate adition?

Is it really what I was waiting for?
Is the game still REVISE: 0.5.48579?

No, v0.5 is Backer Build 5 and not final.

a few days ago you will have been sent an email from with the key to the full game with the extras from your tier bundled into it. Check in your spam/trash/promotions folders if you cannot find it. If you still cannot find it, email with your transaction ID number

Probably I solved a problem…
I found that all other content and DCLs are to be downloaded separately.
I think that’s a trouble of Unreal Launcher. Phoenix Point is actually the only reason for what I installed the launcher and didn’t use it for other reasons. No need. I have Steam with 150+ games there.
Will check if it works. if not probably will ask for refund. That is impossible to meet such a client support.

I redeemd a key.
I used it.
And still needed hours and several install uninstalls to get a playable game after official release?

For sure I’ll think double twice to buy anything else from Snapshot and in Epic launcher.

With all years of use of Steam never experienced such a disordered custom support.

Interesting. It took me like 30 minutes to download and install a game. It was like 7 clicks (with check if game is without errors) and one paste to do it all and play the game.