Backer's build gone missing

I’m trying to install Phoenix Point but it has disappeared from Epic Games, where it used to be. I can’t find anything about how to restore it, and trying to redeem my code again is blocked as it’s already been redeemed on my account.

I received my backer build key on Thu, Mar 28, 2019

The Bakers build has been removed from the store some time ago. The game is released and thus such beta build is not needed anymore. You have pre-ordered I take it since you have had the bakers build ? If so, you should have received a key to the full build on release back in December.

That explains it. I did not receive a key to the full build, is it possible to resend? I’m

You checked your spam folders and all the usual suspects ? I think they started sending the keys before December, but they resend it again on 3rd December.

Try to ping @UnstableVoltage, he solved quite a few of these cases. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll contact him for help on this. It’s too late to check spam as it empties out regularly, this is what I get for not watching the game release more closely :rofl:

Talk to @UnstableVoltage. He will sort this out for you.

It’s already dealt with :wink: