Random grouping of factions

It feels very random and hotchpotch on the strategic map how factions are distributed around the globe.

I think it might give a more authentic feel if they were a bit more organised and centred around different areas of the planet, with maybe a few of the independent factions mixed in and/or sitting on the borders.

This would also give more of an incentive to explore.

I don’t how in you games but I often have at least one faction overruning at least one continent. And second faction dominant on the other. Rest must be mixed because even given by the lore people are different and want to follow different believes. There should be havens of each faction in each corner of the Earth. It would be strange if the followers of Anu would need to travel from all over the world to North America because there is main “country” of that faction. People are mixed together all around the world, and often they may not even know that “two clicks away” is another haven of some other faction. :slight_smile:

I haven’t played far into it to be fair, because I’m a) not wanting spoilers, and b) can’t enjoy the aiming system, if they’re already grouping in the way that I’m suggesting then fair enough.

My thinking was more that different factions would stem from different geographical locations, not that they would crop up randomly and in an even distribution around the globe.

If so, there should be havens that have a population which is mixed together from more than one faction.

And it probably is true in independent havens. Or there are also events where you read that two people argue about which faction is right (if I well remember those are always in some faction haven) so it is true also outside of independent havens. But leadership of such places is often aligned with some faction and thus they are there between each other. And they can change side to which they belong. :slight_smile: