Faction distribution issue

I restarted a game after the latest patch and have an issue with the distribution of faction bases. I’ve discovered the (?) over almost all of Asia, most of Europe, parts of North Africa, and Australia. It took me a long time to finally find a Synedrion haven. At one point I filed a bug as I’d literally uncovered 40-50 (?) without finding a single Synedrion haven. They have two bases in Australia and their mission base is on an undiscovered continent!

Just wondering if others have had similar issues with faction distribution?

Now that I think about it, this may help keep the factions apart when they start warring, but it’s also made it so I haven’t had any chance to interact with, raid, or otherwise influence the Synners.

Yes all my games was like that, Each faction own almost fully an area and some area are more mixed.

What some players advise is hurry up the factions relationship to reach 25+ to reveal all their bases. You open many path and can make global decisions even is that is also related to PP bases not yet found.

I don’t care, I had in my only full play, Synedrion reduced to like 20 Haven, still could ally with them.

EDIT: I have huge doubts that the game is pure RNG about Haven attacks both for wars and aliens. That is the bigger tend get attacked a lot more, and the proportion (bigger) hardly explain it as there’s a localization aspect. And wars tend vanish before any faction is totally annihilated.