World Map Issues and Concerns

OK, so I just relaunched the game again… I have done this many times but when you do the first starting scans around base or hit the centralized areas you can explore right away I am finding that Anu is over populating every randomized map. Things have made it so difficult that if I want either of the two factions it is rare or extremely far away before I see a single one pop up. Far away meaning, 3-4 radial scans before I even get a chance to find either of the two other factions. Due to this situation it is making leveling early soldiers harder and to examine the other factions. Is this something others are finding that they run into?

If you find this issue in your game, could you please describe your view on this or your experiences? The Dev’s need to know all we can provide them so they can look into this situation. Thank you all.

Agree, this is a major RNG issue the devs need to address. One can easily lose the campaign based on early placement of factions and initial special diplomacy missions. It’s a balance issue that some wish to ignore, as they concentrate on their pet peeves.

I haven’t restarted it so many times, but each time, each faction had at least one haven near my starting base. Finding next havens could be problematic, but those first were always nearby.

While I answered you just a moment ago from trying to help me out else where. I will be contrite in this response out of respect.

The RNG setup map after map where the primary three havens would not appear, there would be a primary, a single secondary and the third completely did not pop. Sometimes it took the Blood and Iron DLC to pop their first movie to trigger even finding a New Jericho haven after only finding Anu based havens. A single time Anu was not to be found, my last and final restart resettled the map where I can start out with at least the first three, basic starting areas. So out of five attempts to start a game, the fifth game allowed me the three primary factions right away, before that at least one faction would dominate the game and it would take the DLC to pop New Jericho on the map.

Thank you for trying to help me.

It’s an RNG issue. I’m having the opposite problem in my current playthrough. The whole world is teeming with NJ & Synedrion, but so far I can count the number of Anu havens on the fingers of one hand.

I’m afraid that’s one of the foibles of RNG.

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