Is this a bug or divine intervention

I started a new game and out of 15 sites I have explored 12 of them have been disciples of Anu, the other 3 just story sites, no other factions.

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I just had the same issue, the whole of the African continent was Anu, a few story sites and 3 phoenix bases.

Yes it’s a bug. Another load of sites and no faction but Anu.

I mentioned in another thread about this but in the many years of conflict simulated before the game starts Anu tends to cluster their havens around each other, synedrion tends to be very thin across the entire globe and NJ is somewhere in between

It may be uncommon but having an entire continent be Anu havens isn’t impossible

Oh. I didn’t think the game would allow one faction only. Wouldn’t that sort of defeat the point of having factions?

There are a few places on the map where no matter what, the faction will maintain control. Their capitals so to speak. Also just because 1 continent is flooded with Anu, doesn’t mean the others are as well

Fair play, I did find a Synedrion base in India and a couple of NJ in Europe. Got my butt handed to me in an ambush though so am starting again. I play on a forced ironman.