Radar Range on bases

Hi , this may be a silly question but here goes.

On my first base, Phoenix Point, I can see the radar range white overlay on Geoscape.

But on my second base, although it has an operating radar, I don’t see the overlay on Geoscape. Is that a bug? Does the radar still scan?

Please let me know how that works

Does it have a power (is turned on?). If yes, then you need to give a moment so it will reach its maximum range.

If Yokes’ answer hasn’t solved it, take a screenshot of the map, and the base layout which is meant to have the scanner on it and put it in here. Could help more that way.

Hi guys - it was somehow turned off… I powered it on and now it’s slowly picking up range just as @Yokes Yokes described

“Problem” solved - thanks !