Radar - a quick question

What is the benefit of this? I wasted a ton of recs on it in my first playthrough and saw no benefit so left it alone since. What does it do that makes it worth using, let alone its cost?

Radar can detect Havens that are under attack and alien bases. Phoenix Bases and your transports have their own radar ranges. Radar installations are for filling in the gaps. There isn’t a huge benefit to using them in the current implementation of the Geoscape.

Currently not implemented? Because we need to build radar in base to spot anything nearby. And I don’t think that my Manticore have detected anything.

Thank you. So if finding and eliminating bases in a certain area helps stop the mist spreading they will have a limited purpose. Presumably they help track behemoths etc as well as most Xcom games do this kind of thing. Do you know if we will get something like a hyperwave decoder?