How do I find my bases?

Ok, so this might be a stupid question, but how do I locate all my bases on the geoscape?

Now, I remember where most of them are, but one of them I simply can’t find. I’m sure it’s there somewhere, but I’ve been panning around for a while now without success.

Is there a way to cycle between base locations? Highlight a certain base on the map from the bases interface? Something?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, you can’t. This is a huge oversight of the dev team. One should be able to locate a base by selecting it in the Bases tab. But, no you can’t. The only time one has this options is when the option comes to select a location for a newly manufactured aircraft. This definately needs to be addressed.

Luckily, I try to side early with Synderion so I can build mist repellers. This makes finding my bases fairly easy.

It is rather fiddly, indeed : you have to either check out the name and remember where it’s located, circle through selections until it shines or use aircrafts. Because when an aircraft is at a base and you select it, that base would be thr first tab to open in the base menu.