I can no longer Area Scan?

I finally researched a citadel and can now find Pandoran structures with a scan - but I am not able to initiate a scan anywhere. Nearly all points have already been scanned. Even worse - now when pandorans raid a Haven I am unable to see where they cane from.

Is this a a bug or is this another case of an unexplained non-intuitive process I should know>?

Edit. DIdn’t play much with a new patch, but after defending a Haven I did locate a Panda Nest.

But now it is not guaranteed. Sometimes you need to defend 2 times or even 3 times to reveal alien base. Scan from our base helps with that.

@Hugh_Jasdic so you are probably surprised by the release of patch. A lot has changed.

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There is supposed to be a higher chance with each defense, and after the 3rd defense it is 100%

It is also guaranteed if the Pandoran base is in range of the base scan (actually, it says so now after a succesful haven defense)