DLC clarification concerns

So I noticed that in the facebook mailbag response video it was mentioned that there are 2 planned DLC’s. What kind of DLC’s? I ask because on its own that’s coming across to me as a red flag, most games that announce DLC’s before release have just carved pieces of their game off to sell back to the player. Mass Effect and others burned me, now I’m wary.

I’d personally like to see alternate timeframes (like when the aliens first showed or after phoenix bases all fall), playing as the aliens, or defending a secret mars base. Big creative expansions that substantially tweak the formula rather than adding a gun here and an enemy there.

So is it possible to get some idea as to what the plan is? Nothing specific, but an idea as to whether its going to be a huge change or if by two DLC’s you mean going the Total War Warhammer route and selling subfactions one at a time.

It’s not your fault that I don’t trust the practice, but I’m probably not the only one who flinched at the mention of DLC so it may be prudent to address.

The “Underwater DLC” usually mentioned comes from the fig-campaign, where that stretchgoal wasn’t achieved, but is a relative safe bet for post-release content guessing.

The “Floating Base” was another stretchgoal, which we still didn’t achieve during the campaign, but will get due to the non-fig purchases later making it possible. Not sure if they included this in the “DLCs” mentioned in the video, but it’s not impossible.

You can hate DLCs as much as you want, but the problem is not the DLC itself but the pricing and the company.
If you don’t trust the devs, pre-ordering is silly.
If only the price is the question, you can always wait for a sale (nowadays you can get almost any game on a 50% sale if you wait a year or so, the more niche the game the less you have to wait, and unless it’s an MMO/multiplayer game, you don’t actually lose anything by waiting).

Underwater Missions DLC is not promised. So it may be or may be not made.

I think that those two are:

  • Alien Chitin equipment is first so the kind that author of the thread doesn’t like because they will add some small stuff which will be cool but won’t change game drastically.
  • Floating Base is second, so new way to fight on strategic level, probably new kind of missions somewhere on the ocean and maybe few underwater missions which are lore specific (don’t mistake with random underwater missions from first mentioned by me DLCs)

UV confirmed on the Discord that the DLCs are the Chitin armour and the floating base.

The Chitin armour is a bonus that the backers at certain levels get, but once the store changes over to just selling the game, will only be available to everyone else by buying separately. I believe the alien weapons are also included in this. Either way there will be several story missions involved as well.

As for the floating base, the fig campaign got close enough to reaching the stretch goal that the devs decided to release it post launch. Yokes summed it up well though.

I believe neither is being actively worked on until after launch, but @UnstableVoltage can correct me

The two confirmed DLCs are the Chitin Armor and Living Weapon DLC. This adds a special type of armor and weapon (which are really just cosmetic variations of existing armour - and as such don’t give the player any specific advantage). There will be several unique missions to acquire these items in-game. This was one of the rewards for our Luxury Edition backers during crowdfunding and will be part of the game on day one. It will be available for purchase separately 3 months after the game releases.

The second piece is the Floating Base DLC. This was an unmet stretch-goal during our crowdfunding campaign which we promised to release for free when we hit that funding goal via pre-orders post-crowdfunding. This DLC will be released sometime after the game releases for everyone who owns Phoenix Point. This content will be worked on once the main game is completed.

Underwater Missions was another unmet stretch goal. We’re keeping it on the table as a possible future expansion/DLC but will most likely be paid content.


Okay, thanks for humoring my whining :slight_smile:

Its good to know that the DLCs are not taking resources from the main game or anything.