Few questions about the game / My impressions from the vids

I would like to know more about the base building… There is no info that I can find about that… So I am aware that it will not be anywhere near apocalypse (which I would love to be) but I am hoping at least some sort of minimal base building/management aspects, so… can anyone elaborate plz coz I am considering to back for the 250 package :slight_smile: anything would be greatly appreciated!

as for my impressions from the vids


  • game isnt buggy like Firaxis xcom and xcom 2 (I skipped xcom 2 just coz I was traumatised by buggy experience from xcom1…)
  • game mechanics overall
  • destructive stuff in maps from weapons (but not from Armadillo ramming… that stuff is redonkulous… XD
  • liking all Geoscape features atm
  • graphics/ design art
  • OST, OMG the music is AWESOME, brings me right back to childhood when I was playing apocalypse :slight_smile:


  • no base building at all…
  • no facilities, no research…
  • no penalty for wrecking the whole map with the OP Armadillo (I also hope that they will put some civilians and risk/reward system for not killing/razing the bases) (…yes like in apocalypse :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • no immersion/vibe/Atmosphere from agents/solders… they feel to me like lifeless dolls… I would like to hear some sort of conversation during the combat between them like :alien in sight, low on ammo, cover me!, tango down!, agent down! ect…
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No information has been released about base management; we only just now have a taste of the strategic layer with backer build 3. The rest of what you are worried is missing just has not been developed yet. We know there will be research, but not much has been said about it. Penalties for wrecking somebody else’s haven has been discussed. Soldier customization and voice acting are planned, but that point of the development cycle hasn’t been reached.

In short, you’re comparing Firaxis’ completed XCOM to just a glimpse of this incomplete pre-alpha game. Wait and see what development holds, maybe check out something like Retcon Raider’s summary videos of what we know so far.

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No, it has bugs of its own. But nothing like original early Xcom crushing on Muton apppearance :slight_smile:

Its backers build, early-pre-alpha. It just came from “one mission playthrough” to “hey there is geoscape”. Rest will follow :slight_smile:

Thx for the fast reply, Im not comparing per se, I was giving Phoenix Point a compliment coz yeah to me it looks like PP is less buggy now in alpha than firaxcom released XD I was traumatised by constant crashes from xcom1EU and just gave up trying…

anyways so thats all good news than, research check, solders have a soul check, only base building & penalty score are in question. I will wait a bit to see what exactly they will do with base building than I will cash in, thx again!

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yeah I saw it on utube no crashes detected at least not atm, so far so good :slight_smile: I really hope they hit my spot coz I really like xcom apocalypse, I still play it sometimes

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Custimization yes, but from what I have heard voice acting is not planned. Game probably will be quite silent in this matter. Maybe they will add something with later DLC?

there will be civilians, probably some system of risk/reward too, because now we can see reputation falling down when we withdraw from haven defence. So probably destroying too many props and killing civilians or allied soldiers will also account on that.

There is quite many crashes. Youtubers probably don’t upload crashed gameplays. There is some problem with action camera, and as it shows quite often, then there is quite high risk of crash.


We have said that there will be base building, very similar to the original X-Com. You will be able to own multiple bases, build additional facilities etc. If you have to defend your base, the tactical map will resemble the layout. The only major difference from the original X-Com is that you won’t just be able to place a new base down anywhere you want on the map. You will have to find the randomly place abandoned Phoenix Project bases around the world and restore them. Some may have special facilities already built in them.


Well, you could not place one to sea.Until TFD :slight_smile:

And you will not be able to have one in PP… until Floating Base DLC :wink:


So there is crashes… Well I hope they iron that out, I feel like the release date is too early for my taste, I really hope they do it right on the release

thats good, thx for clearing that up :slight_smile: tell devs to add souls to their agents :smiley: coz all other things look pretty awesome

As for DLCs are they really planned or you are just hoping?

The Floating Base DLC is a reality.

Another ultra promising DLC should be the underwater missions. Those have been talked, and I think they will also be released as paid DLC, BUT don’t take my word for it, as I can’t find any official release about it :slight_smile:


I have also been feeling that, even with the delayed release date, Summer 2019 won’t be enough. There seems to be yet so many things to add and flesh out.

OMG thats awesome! Mainly I dont like DLCs but in this case I would like that they take my money :smiley: coz apocalypse is getting really old to play and firaxcom just didnt do justice for me XD I am more of apocalypse side player but I always respected the vibe from TFD so maby the DLCs will make up for the early release date :slight_smile:

As linked by samshell, Floating Base is planned, Underwater DLC should be not officially confirmed (afaik, maybe was said as “next planned dlc”, but can’t remember “confirmation”), but was the stretchgoal during Fig-campaign (which we sadly didn’t reach), so it’s a bit more than just “our hope”, at the very least the devs had a plan about it, if that will change after release, I don’t know yet (and I’m not sure the devs themselves know it, they’re working on the base game for now, right? :smiley: ).


I honestly didnt know anything about the game other than its in development until now thats why I am asking all sort of questions to see where they are at but “planned dlc” is also a good thing coz that means they are thinking about it and thank god that xcom is beloved (original)series and coz of that ppl will probably sholve money up their throat as I will

anyways I also saw a post here about multiplayer, will MP also be a thing?

The FAQ answers that:

Will there be any multiplayer or co-op options?

Our focus is very much on the single player campaign, and we are aiming for something deep, involving, and highly replayable. Consequently, we have no plans to implement multiplayer options for Phoenix Point.


Would be a great idea to head over to the fig.co page and take a look at all the campaign info there. Also doesn’t hurt to remember that people generally edit videos before posting, so depending on their goal, they might edit out any crashed missions. :slight_smile:

:-1: I hope not, i like the immersion but like i sayd in other topic, if all i hear from turn to turn, round to round is that crabmans yell, id rather turn spotify or youtube on, and thats not good for the game experience.