Questions about containment and living quarters

Even after their vivisection i still have a live Arthron and Triton in containment

It says they use some space but not how much space i have left and i dont want to go hug a Charon to capture him ad discover i cannot store him because the containment is full and i likely dont want to have to recapture a Triton because i killed the one i have and i need him for some new interrogation

I have 12/16 space in living quarters but most of them are at my main base. In second base i just left three recruits and a singlke veteran counting that when the second manticore were done i would have had a decent squad thanks the training and in fact it’s working, noobs are now level 4 and manticore needs two days to finish

Is it something like inventory where i can remove a item to the Algeria base and immediatly equip it to a soldier in Pakistan or i need living space for all soldiers i have in a base when i empty the Manticore to have them rest and go for a recruiting run?

right now:

  1. you have a shared storage, the rifle you manufactured in Algeria is available in Chicago straight away.

  2. living space is not being implemented completely, I could easily have 20/16 on living space.

  3. If I am correct, there is also no limit in containment facility. I was unable to find limit indicator, and with two facilities I had Chiron, and multiple crabs, sirens and tritons at the same time.

1 The shared storage is let’s say weird; even DHL express takes some 24 hours to deliver worldwide and the deliver boy has to be very ingenuos to find you Manticore in the middle of Congo rainforest

2 My reasonable doubt was that is you go over living space worldwide or even in a single base recovery times would become slower because sharing your bed with a berserkr gal wont help recover stamina. Let’s wait next BB

3 It doesnt say there is a limit, just that a Triton uses 2 spaces, probably a worm will use 1 and a Chiron 3 or 4. Even there let’s wait next BB

from what we know in the full version, storage will be limited to a base, so yes, you will have to transport stuff

reasonable doubt, again this is a BB issue, I am sure this will be addressed, as right now (if I remember correctly) the LQ description says it can maintain up to 8 personnel, or something like that. Sooo… what if you have 8 soldiers in the base and another 8 in Tiamat in the hangar? they are not allowed to leave the ship? :wink: We have to wait for a final release.

Ok transport suff, but what about the stuff in the Manticore? We have Base 1 with Manticore 1 and squad 1 (for short B1 M1 and S1): the squad moves to do a mission, now all stuff in base 1 is in M1 to equip the squad; after the mission S1 decides to go visit B2, where we have M2 and S2, to transport some stuff and exchange squad components.
Apart the fact that we have just one landing pad so Manticore 1 should not be allowed to land in base 2 unless Manticore 2 leaves, when M1 lands we have everything that was in B1 in B2 or whe have four distinct inventories and we decide what to unload

Think we need to talk a bit about that to balance realism and playability and make easier the job of the developers; we are beta tester of a brand new game I have and i suppose we all have too, some gaming experience and too much realism can stress players if we have to fly four jumps and back to bring a couple rifles to the other base

One thing is not allowed to leave, there are some common spaces in the base, another allow the visitors to share beds with the residents. I think the most reasonable choice is make the visitors in excess to the base capacity recover more slowly; they have warm food, WC and some relaxing spaces but they still need to sleep in the ship; i think that even those in the ship at the base now arent sleeping in the ship, just keep armor and weapons ready

and 15 years later you have your lvl 1 recruit!

But doing that slows the stamina recovering