Cannot capture aliens

Before you ask: i know how to do it and i have the containment room; also have the bio lab and my containment is now empty

I captured Arthrons and Tritons without problems, but now i cannot capture other aliens: they are well paralyzed, when i kill the last alien the mission ends, but i dont find them in the loot.

Happened a couple times with syrens and worms

Did you already get the quest to catch 1 alive example of it, after corpse research?

@Agi is your containment room too full? You can only fit 10 spaces worth of aliens in there. Wormies and face-huggers count as 1, tritons and crabbies count as 2, chirons as 4, and I’ve no idea about the queen.

Annoyingly if you have 2 spaces free and you capture 3 spaces worth of aliens you will get none of them.

If you don’t know there is a containment tab on the personnel screen. You can view and kill the aliens you no longer need there.

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I cleared it when i built the bio lab, not 100% sure it was full or empty when i tried capturing the syren. Didnt know the limit was so small, just 5 tritons or crabs; think i have the resources to build another for when i will try capture a Chiron

Maybe you are right because later i captured one and rersearched it; too bad the tech to study it is not mine so i have to wait for a faction to research it because of the known research bug

Well, I’m trying to remember that short time between moment I built up a containment room and moment I researched alien corpses and got a quest stickers like ‘catch 1 of them alive’. I had more interesting projects than these corpses, you know. I vaguely recall that I had similar problems, and I could not catch anyone until I received these tasks. Probably, it souds like ‘you should cut that corpse first, for get to know how to contain it alive’.

You should get a message saying: containment is full: want to keep your collection of 5 arthrons and throw away the just captured syren or remove one of the prisoners?

Yes! Any kind of message like ‘You cannot do this, until you do that!’. Oh it was a question, sorry :wink: You should receive, but yoy don’t. It wasn’t realised yet, so we have mostly our supposes.

Actually, that’s why I spoiled the chance to catch a siren for psionics research, although I paralyzed them more than 5 times. I got a way to clear my prison from tritons too late, and catched last siren from Antarctic mission. It was spend for ‘live siren’ research. And now I have no missions with funny big aliens for more than a month of ingame time, approx.

Dont worry too much, at some point syrens become common even in haven defence missions

Well I spent 2 weeks in realtime, and here is June on my ingame schedule,and I’m completely exhausted by trying to develop some fun in that midgame :slight_smile:

I stopped, waiting for next patch fixing the research bug and some minor ones, and started a Lonf War campaing; i was a bit rusted at beginning, but now it’s going well.

What ingame date you had when stopped? Looks like I have incredibly long early game - if thats triggered by doomsday clock, because I have only 8% on it in the end of May. I don’t know actually, what is a trigger for next step of gameplay: is it a doomsday clock percentage, or just a date, or maybe mist coverage, or (unlikely) my research progress or kind of an aliens progress (like their nests quantity or havens destroyed). So I keep a couple nests for having a way to protect havens and get some resource income. And only one progress for few month of ingame time is that power of aliens attacks on havens was grown from 11 to 14 points.

I stopped at the end of june 27-6-47 exactly; my doom clock is at 37% and alien attacks are, if i remember, around 20 22
I have 5 bases, and i dont think there is a sixth i missed, 2 manticores and third in production and all i was doing was killing nests and responding to alien attacks, very boring after some time.
I did some time ago a tough phoenix mission in Antartica to recover a sphere but there was no use for it even if i got a message to do something with it once the mission finished
In research i’m stalled until i manage to capture a goo chiron, i always meet fire and mortar, and a mysterious psychic alien (i captured and vivisected the syren, that is bloody psychic IMHO, it’s not her)
Never met a queen nor a Scilla that i heard are the two top boss, or maybe just one and the Scilla is the queen.

Wow man! I’m whining here third week for lack of progress and sirens, and siren it’s even not what i need for that task - perfecto! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Unless you need TWO syrens: one for syren interrogation and another as a psy subject. :thinking:

After i got first one i didnt try to catch another as a psy subject, it makes no sense because i had both requests: syren and psy, when i captured the first.

The strategic and research part needs a lot of work

Oh same like I had, except I tried, *but couldn’t find :slight_smile:

Better tell which part is need no work and already working fine :slight_smile:

-Until they fix the research other groups techs bug, ATM the most game killing one, it’s hard to say what works; the start is nice: find more bases, kill alien nests, capture aliens, make alliances with other groups but then you reach a point, like i did, where you are stalled and unable to do anything that seems to progress the campaign; just kill aliens that respawn and expand

So the game is obviously unfinished now, and even after get whole current techs, and stay away from all bugs, we still have no way to playthrow this build successfully till the win, isn’t it? So as usual, we just have to say ‘let’s wait and see’ :slight_smile: Well probably I should try an effect of repellers first. Suddenly they have time to clear the whole globe before the December release? :slight_smile:

In my campaign repellers are one of the techs queued, but not finished, by a group

A fun thing is that NJ is at war with everybody but me. You see a well defended settlement, with some 24 strenght, then they leave to go attack Anu in the far side of the moon and aliens come with 20 strenght against the 3 remained; not even the time to say ‘shi* this one is the research one.’ and they have one settlement less.

The game is unfinished.
I’d like a bit more feedback from the developers; something like: ‘the research bug is fixed, we’ll deliver a patch in a week, modifying also inventory and personel pages’

Sure they are busy, but giving a few info to us beta testers would be very appreciated

Yes, it would be nice to get at least a fix of the main bugs a month before the release, just to understand the developers progress . I do not require much and do not even mention BB6 - but really, I would like to see at least the feedback in the form of a list with checkboxes like

  • Now scanned areas and visited shelters are lighted
  • Weapons reload normally everywhere
  • Factional researches are fixed in accordance of their existed labs and your help.
  • Bases and havens starting locations made more even
  • Starting spawns of aliens are balanced in strength, variety and equipment according to your current game progress and each mission importance
  • Faction aircrafts are useable now, and ground vehicles attached to special slot on it, and useful now too :slight_smile: .
    etc. Maybe I missed it?