Unable to capture Triton

I managed to capture Arthron, so I would assume I know how to catch a specimen. Injure it to low health, hit it couple of times with neuralizer, remember to build and power up alien containment.

I tried to catch tritons on a base defense. neuralized one, but did not get the research. Reload and neuralize 2, still got no research.

Made sure I flew to the base with containment, still no research.

Maybe the containment was full (with 1 arthron??). So I powered it down, to kill the alien if it hasn’t died during the vivisection, then flew to the base. Still no Triton vivisection research. So what gives?

Stupid question but did you research Triton Autopsy first?

I think that injuring alien doesn’t help to capture them?

Have you autopsied triton yet? You need autopsy research to do vivisection.

Yup. now my research is waiting for vivisection…

I thought as long as we don’t kill it off, it should be considered as alive. I had to neuralize it couple of time with 2 guys.

and hitting it with neuralizer is using the last icon… NOT the bash icon… just wanna add.