Question: Preordered = Backed?

I preordered the game on April 2018 through your website. I don’t backed it on Fig. I don’t want the game on Epic but on Steam. All “backers” get the free DLCs AND a Steam key after the first exclusive year. What about Pre-Orders? The FAQ is here not clear to me. Do I, as “Preorderer” also get a Steam Key for the game or is this for “backers” only? Can a Mod please answer me this? Thank you.

Hi Yarrh,

Yes, we use the term “backer” to refer to our pre-orders in addition to the crowdfunding backers.

If you pre-ordered the game, you will now get an Epic Games Store key at release, along with the first year of DLC for free. After the 1 year Epic exclusivity period you will also get a Steam/GOG key and the same first year of DLC with that key

Thank you very much for this clarification.

Pre ordered last year, and for the life of me can’t remember which version I purchased (bloody senior moments!) where can I check my account/pirchase? Having a feall bad week with memory and using tech/forums. Thank you.

Send us an email to and we can look it up for you.

Thanks for the quick reply just sent an email to you!:wink: I know wrong thread but…for those of us with disabilities will there be an ‘easy’ mode and saving in the tactical sections?

No difficulty settings yet but there is a tactical save now :wink:

Brilliant, thank you👍