Question: Preordered = Backed?


I preordered the game on April 2018 through your website. I don’t backed it on Fig. I don’t want the game on Epic but on Steam. All “backers” get the free DLCs AND a Steam key after the first exclusive year. What about Pre-Orders? The FAQ is here not clear to me. Do I, as “Preorderer” also get a Steam Key for the game or is this for “backers” only? Can a Mod please answer me this? Thank you.


Hi Yarrh,

Yes, we use the term “backer” to refer to our pre-orders in addition to the crowdfunding backers.

If you pre-ordered the game, you will now get an Epic Games Store key at release, along with the first year of DLC for free. After the 1 year Epic exclusivity period you will also get a Steam/GOG key and the same first year of DLC with that key


Thank you very much for this clarification.

Question: Epic Games Store preorder