Question: Epic Games Store preorder

I just read this thread Question: Preordered = Backed? that says those who preordered the game through the site are treated like backers.
But does it apply to those who preordered the game through Epic Game Store?

The backer/pre-order offer applies to all PP sales prior to announcement that game will be exclusive to Epic Games Store. So no, no freebies for putting PP on Epic Store to those who bought the game through Epic Store.

In terms of the free DLC and eventual Steam/GOG key, it applies to anyone who backed or pre-ordered Phoenix Point before it was announced as releasing on Epic. This was March 12th at 10am PT / 5pm GMT. It would therefore not apply to any orders made directly through the Epic store.

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Ha! It’s a second time today I repond to someone inquiries only to see you did the same at the same time. I suppose I should stop avoiding my responsibilities and stop diving into this forum whenever I get a notification :laughing:

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Thank you for the answers.