Queens in BB3 vs BB1

The queen in BB1 was a brutal killing machine, that would run through entire buildings, to stomp on your last squaddie. Was a hell of a challenge until we worked out ways around it.

The queens in BB3 just stand around while we kill them. Like all the brains and aggression have been removed.

Do we know if queen AI from BB1 will be coming back? It is like the AI was tried and tested in BB1 but then removed in the current build. Is the current queen we are seeing in the build, a different breed to the BB1 queen? That queen attacked, this queen farts out mist, lays brain suckers and dies. I am really hoping all queens will be aggressive in the final game.

Finally had a queen attack a base last night. It was cool to see a queen in a city map and I thought I was about to have an epic fight. Instead it just sat in the corner, turning in circles, while I kicked the crap out of it for a couple turns.

Can’t wait to see the mutations they add to the queens. That BB1 queen was brutal :+1:

Well she has too many options now. :smiley:

  • Go chase those little pests with guns (which are faster than she is)
  • shit little fragger which is faster than those pests

Choice is clear. :smiley: But yes, she is less aggressive. Since balance is not yet done then maybe later fraggers will have lesser priority that marching toward enemy.

Btw. When I met queen in haven defence mission on first map, she was stuck in the building. On second occasion she was quite aggressive.

That first queen was pretty fast, there was only so far we could run before she caught up with us and stomped us into the ground :smiley:

The aggressive ones feel like a proper boss fight. Constantly under pressure, if she catches a soldier it is almost certain death. The fire power of a 4 man squad never feels like enough… The queens in the current cave maps that just poop out mind suckers and mist seem totally defenceless.

Again, I know it will all change as the build gets further along and the balancing kicks in. Good to hear there are still aggressive queens in the current game. I was just unlucky with the one I finally got in map. I was worried they changed all of them to the docile type!

Range of movement in tiles was exactly the same (12 tiles). Maybe algorithm of choosing path has changed. And about aggressiveness - maybe it depends on the map - maybe some maps don’t have prepared paths for queen.

That’s a really good point and would explain why the queen just turned around on the spot in the corner of the map.

I was just clearing out the map lobbing grenades and smashing crabmen… I pushed into that last corner and there was the queen! Had one of those ‘Oh shit!’ Moments but then the queen just dumped out some mist and a face hugger. I was thinking, I am the one that has just been confronted with a queen at point blank range… that should be what I am doing!! :smiley:

Anyway, good to know that there are still aggressive queens around. It would be good for all the queen mutations to be aggressive but have the extra skills of the mist and spitting out other things for us to fight.