Lower decks make Crab Queen redundant

I understand the Queen, and future bosses will have different/randomly generated abilities/attacks.
However with the Queen being able to only pincer you, if you place your squad on a lower platform she will not attack you at all and just stand around being shot at.

Additionally this is obviously a test phase, so things like this are to be expected, however I just wanted to make a point that if future bosses will be given the same basic Melee attack, all you need to do is go down a platform and they can’t touch you, just be sure to have the ammunition for it.

This may well be a feature, to be able to effectively counter the Queens ability to demolish the environment with ease, and I have read that there are plans for her to be able to spawn other combatants. I just wanted to be sure it was a known occurrence that being on the lower decks of the map make her instantly redundant as an enemy in-case somehow it wasn’t common knowledge.

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Read this comment by Julian G in the ED/bSH post:

Trust me when I say he’s in a position to know. Julian G being Julian Gollop, Lead Dev…


Ace, thank you for the response, I was aware of the different mutations and abilities but had no idea how much more advanced the bosses are going to be in the future
Thank you for clearing that up!

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