Queen too easy to kill

Is it just me, or are the bosses a bit too easy? I know this is an alpha build, so I am just asking, will they become more dangerous?
I finished a couple of times the first scenario and every time I manage to pin the queen down by damaging her legs or head and then kill it without big issues, as she cannot move anymore.
Is it planned for them to be able to regenerate or heal themselves?
I was expecting some Bruce Willis “die hard” behaviour :slight_smile:

At the moment, the Queen only has one basic attack (also, the game difficulty has not been balanced). In the final game, the bosses will have multiple attacks and options - as a result, disabling one part of them won’t make them ineffective.


thought so, thanks!
by the way, the first Feedback after a couple of hours into the game since Backer Build was released: AWESOOOME! good job, I like it way more than Xcom-2. :yum:

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Even if they had their bosses finalised already, I would have argued it’s a good idea to dumb them down for the initial pre-alpha Backer Builds… after all, the true purpose of these builds, besides showing faithful backers that their patience will indeed bear fruit, is to stress test the engine and scare up some bugs that might not occur within the internal QA environment.

Hunting bugs is a lot less frustrating if the game isn’t on top of being buggy constantly actively trying to kill you and being very serious about it. :tophat:

I’m 90% certain the game hasn’t been completely balanced yet, and certainly not the various units. I personally died to the queen, and I didn’t think it was too easy at all :stuck_out_tongue: But then again, I’m bad at games :slight_smile:

I think this build is a showcase for people to see what kind of game this is, what kind of interesting mechanics it features, and to give backers a “thank you for supporting the game” in the form of a little sample.

Pre-alpha game builds are rarely finished at all, and balancing is usually not the biggest concern at this point. We will probably see a lot more balancing in the months just before release.