Vehicle Ram: Overpowered?

On one of my plays, I was in a tight spot so I rammed the Alien Queen… it dealt a lot of damage and stalled the queen. Next turn, I was able to ram again and again, despite being next to it.

The ram feels way too powerful, dealing a ton of damage very quickly and repeatedly, especially on a durable tank.

Backer Builds are not balanced, so anything can be overpowered or useless, and it can even change from build to build as new mechanics are introduced.

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Just wait for BB3, it would be nice to see what will happen when QUEEN will not go around vehicle, but for it or have some kind of distance attack >:-)

Yes, that is a bug that a lot of people are exploiting. Somewhat queens seems to see dead bodies and vehicles as obstacles it cannot pass, even we know it can run buildings. A bit bugged AI.