[BB1] Queen AI needs tweaking

So, a simple tactic to deal with the Queen in Fort Freiheit is to move to the Beacon end of the fort and take up position in the firing points on the walls.

When the Queen spawns, she tries to take the shortest route as the crow flies towards the squaddies and therefore stops at the moat trench, then sits there while you missile/grenade/machine gun her to death.

You need to tweak the AI so that she takes the shortest FEASIBLE route, rather than the shortest direct route.

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In a random map game, after I took out the rabble, I was able to easily out the queen with only my last two soldiers. The armadillo was already dry. The Technician walked right up to her and stunned and damaged her every round. (She could never retaliate, so Tech could have single-handedly killed her.) To speed the process, however, my other guy (machine gun and, eventually, pistol, first destroyed a pincer, then delivered multiple head shots at close range. Considering his infinite healing and repair, turret deployment and guaranteed stun, the Technician certainly seems OP as currently configured.

Just had a similar experience. Played 2 random maps in a row: Both times Queenie got taken out by a combo of the Armadillo drawing her sting and everyone else throwing grenades.

Second time around, I tried the Technician stun technique and she never got another strike in all mission. Then used the Armadillo to (literally) roll over the surviving Crabbies.

Both Armadillo & Tech are OP as they currently stand. A good fix would be to make the Queen immune to stun - that way the Tech stun doesn’t completely disable her.

Fun game, though ;0)