My Backer Build feedback

So I tried a little this build, and right now I have mixed feelings.

  1. Cover, I’ve sort or either unlucky, but even if I put myself under heavy cover, The aliens either get full hit and or destroy the gun on first volley… I think that guns should have more hit points? Because right now having pittance of an equipment having no gun is terrible.

  2. Wounds. Well GG if the alien on first shot disables your hand. No way to heal it back, meaning your just one soldier short.

  3. Performance gets atrocious the more destruction there is. Either you can’t move normally, units just jump from tile to tile.

  4. Tactics are pretty limited - they all bum rush you, meaning like first 10 turns I just fight in the starting spot. It’s not hunt them aliens. It’s just survive the swarm and save them explosive on the queen.

  5. What happened to chance of hit? I’m probably that blind but I can’t see it. Well I know the chance sort of when precise aiming.

Hi, as for tactics I must agree. It looks slightly better in fixed Fort mission than in random ones, as you’re discovering aliens in slower pace. In random missions aliens will always show up right after your first turn (even if you simply skip it) and this is truly annoying. I think that size of map is significant here: there are numerous aliens and not many places to hide. Add to this long ranges of move, sight & shooting and maps feel even tighter.

On points 1 and 2 - I didn’t always get cover destruction on first volley, but environment can be destroyed in order to get rid of cover so perhaps they are doing that as part of their tactic. Wounds are unfortunate, certainly if both arms get disabled! but remember it works both ways - disabling their body parts give your team distinct advantages over them. I find it particularly useful to disable the Crab Queens legs so she can hardly move and just bleeds to death.

On point 3 - Yes, this early pre-alpha development build contains bugs and performance is not optimized so you may see lag, certainly when there’s a lot of destruction on the map and lots of things happening.

On point 4, I’ve played a few games now and each game was different for me, but I’m sure when the game is released and we’ll have more classes and weapons to play with, there will be a wider variety of tactics available.

As for your final point, % chance was removed in favor of “Likely damage” indicators. There is still % chance on Return Fire. I quite like it, but personally I’d be keen to know what the chances are to cause “Likely Damage” or “Possible Damage”.

PS all personal opinion

I am aware of the cover destruction, but there are only 4 of us and lots of them, so a quick disable on 1 soldier is just unfair and it’s nothing you could do about it. Right now I have finished random with a soldier with both hands disabled… But I won eventually through the power of grenades. Also I think there is something wrong with AI LOS or angling, because I had sniper on roof on overwatch behind 2 cover tiles and the alien just run and bullseyed him leaving with 1 HP and a bleed :frowning: Where was my overwatch. If I couldn’t see him from above, he shouldn’t see me from below right?

Yeah, I had some LoS wierdness going on in some rounds, or rather - stuff that I perceived should have happened and didn’t. If there was a reason for them happening then I was unaware of those reasons, if there wasn’t a reason then I would think they’ll be fixed in time. Maybe worth using the F12 Bug Reporter or grabbing a screenshot.

But yes, 4 vs the rest - this build is certainly very challenging! I’ve managed to beat the proc gen maps a couple of times now, still working my way to victory in Fort Freiheit.

War is never fair soldier. get used to it!
Jokes aside, realisticaly, if one gets his arm destroyed by bullets, no medikit will fix your bones and muscles instantly, at most you will be able to stop the bleeding so you can survive the trip back to base and get proper treatment and rest.

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