Update 3.0 September

While for however small the maps are I had fun, I am hoping that the 3rd Update perhaps focusses a bit more on challenging infantry combat rather than the queen and the armadillo. Currently I’m having more fun just fighting crabmen than the queen, perhaps also simply because the fight vs the queen (at this stage of the build) is a little boring.

I’d also just like to fight tons of crabmen and actually have need for those ammo/gun boxes, because as it stands now, I’ve hardly had need for them, or actual time to empty these all, because when the queen shows up, it basically becomes a ram and kite fest.

I’m aware of these updates all just being glorified test levels on which we can give feedback that in turn helps perfecting the game, but I thought, well, let’s just mention it anyway.

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I am not sure about that either, maybe to have some free player testing to fix/report most glorious bug and so we have something to play until the big finale.

Surely,its far better then nothing, but I wouldn’t bet much on players feedback going to game.

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I reeeeeaaallllyyy wanna see the Chiron in the next build. Maybe the Sirens too…they’re sexy ;3


Agreed. At least one more specie of enemies would be great!

the tentative date for BB3 would be Sept 3, as the plan is to release a backer build every 2 months

I totally agree! Not sure if a bug or a feature, but in some of the random levels the queen just doesn’t spawn, and that’s the best that can happen. It’s a chess battle between humans and mutantes: take position, take cover, go for the crates, reload, and so on.

If the damned queen does show up, there’s no other option than going for the armadillo and ram her to heath. Really, if anybody has beaten her with any other options, please let me know.

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Snapshot-comment on reddit:

There is a plot in the random map pool that doesn’t have a Queen spawn. It just has some extra Gunners spawn from time to time.

Fighting the Queen isn’t really all that interesting at the moment as she’s missing her abilities so our level designers wanted to offer you guys something a bit different.

Sorry we couldn’t manage to properly communicate that.


Great to know! :smile: Really, I even prefer for the spideresque-mega-regent to not appear, as there’s really no option than rammming her to death :sleepy:

Thanks for clearing that up :+1: