Current Difficulty State

Hey there Everyone,

I wouldn’t normally be a little whiny player, But is it just me that is experiencing the current level of difficulty being way too punishing? Like I’m trying to use cover all the time, Group up, Spread out, Etc. But at the moment my characters are just getting combo’d to death so swiftly, Like I’d get 3 pot shots from the gunners and BOOM dead, Or I just so happen to let the shielded guys get a little too close all of a sudden BAM melee hit aaaand Dead.

I like the level of realism in that if you get hit on certain locations you’re kinda screwed but I’m fairly certain that soldiers of modern day if they got shot in the hand they would just fire their weapon with it regardless, Let alone in a futuristic game.

Despite all being sad I AM loving the game, I love the mix of original Xcom with some decent modifications to the current formula, Like the multiple shots happening instead of a singular return fire. Pre-Alpha has been great (although infuriating at times), I like that it’s challenging however this just seems near impossible especially when big mutated lady comes up.

Keep up the good work devs, and I am proud to have supported this development.



After few more battles you will find it moderate easy.

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Absolutely agree. It seemed impossible first but after a few battles and debriefing begins to seem normal. I still can’t win without losing soldier but 2-3 soldiers win almost every random battle. Already I want new increase difficulty.

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The build barely has any balance. Currently it also relies a lot in RNG. Getting enough crates can be the difference between beating the map or not.

Just give them time to implement missing mechanics.


I would say that you need only 1 or 2 more grenades in addition to starting equipment to beat the map. There is always this amount stuffed nearby. More impact to difficulty than crates has random spawning of enemies. If you have 5 or 6 enemies rushing you in first few rounds there is possibility that 1 soldier can die.

a lot of mechanics are still not implemented, and the crabmen shoot farther than your sniper.

I’d say, taking all the pre-alpha issues into account, the balance is ok. While there are some difficulty sways caused by randomness, in terms of raw difficulty combat is fine. Enemies do not seem too durable, too hard to hit or extremely dangerous. Keep in mind, with only 4 soldiers with severely limited equipment, you can kill 5-6 crabmen and the boss on top of it almost every time.

As long as you don’t throw bullet away like candy you’ll be fine.

Definitely harder maps than previous build, mostly because of enemy numbers, had to be more careful to win a random map. However, the queen is pretty easy to deal with. Freiheit is significantly easier than random.