Q&A session on youtube

wasn’t this:

supposed to be today? Now i see wednesday. Maybe I’m getting old.

It will be noon PST on Wednesday (8pm GMT).

There was a discrepancy between the title (which said Tuesday) and the body of the text (which correctly said Wednesday).

Ok so it was only me getting excited for something new at the beginning of the week. :slight_smile: Thanks and sorry for bothering.

DON’T release ANY add on’s till you get the main game right! Your just gonna keep adding more issues, it really is that simple! I would rather wait… End of!

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In “dreamland” where you have unlimited money its that simple, correct.

In the real world you have 80% bug free but f***ing 20% are missing. So you Made a DLC with new feature and fixes and perhaps new Bugs. So are still at 80% or lower or higher. Depends on new bugs / fixed Bugs Ratio. But you have the Chance to earn money. So you can pay your Crew to fix other Bugs and build new DLCs.

And After some time (hopefully before Steam release) you have a cool game with only some Bugs and a lot of content…


There could be so much achieved just with altering current game values. And with some additional functionalities this game should shine. Devs still surprise me with their ideas to alter things so maybe we should just wait?

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58 minutes until launch…

Still waiting… :wink:


Just watched. And iam looking forward to the next one. @UnstableVoltage: Thanks for this Session and greetings to Hristo. Seems you have good points in the Pipeline! So keep on working, i Think it will become really cool . And thank you for answering my question :wink:


Interesting stuff on balancing, alpha striking and mobility.

But I have the feeling that Pandoran evolution as advertised is just not happening. Wonder about the new mutations though.

The answers to my questions. Yes, but it’s going to be a really long time.

overall nice free changes (earliest and next patches):

  • new sub-faction “Forsaken” - completely mutated Disciples
  • human opponents in scavenge and ambush missions
  • customizable options to alter difficulty by manipulating some game mechanics
  • there will be UI changes to make management more easy (trade, recruitment, soldiers, bases) and more informative (like accuracy)
  • there will be option to choose animation speed
  • there will be improvements to AI to speed up enemy turns
  • there will be improvements to diplomacy to make it more engaging
  • in future there may be introduced additional weapons (like melee) but it is not specified right now
  • alien bases should be rebalanced (lairs vs citadels)
  • tutorials will be improved
  • there will be stats collected per soldier
  • Mutog will be improved
  • heaven defenders will be included in defence missions (but it will take some time)

nice DLC changes (Blood and Titanium and next ones):

  • Blood and Titanium will release 4th March.
  • it will require to start new game
  • story around renegade NJ faction “The Pure” about becoming a robot
  • repair soldiers between battles (I hope for repair function for weapons and armors on non-Pure soldiers too)
  • there will be introduced next attributes in later DLCs
  • tutorials here also will be improved
  • there is high chance that bigger maps will be added
  • next DLCs will change some things in faction interactions

not so nice:

  • there won’t be base personnel and micro-management per base (at least not yet)
  • skills will be balanced but not necessarily to become more realistic in terms of timeframes and physical capabilities of soldiers
  • thus balance in more focused on how enemy is progressing not on the specific skills available for the player (I think it should be done both ways)
  • overpowered multi-classing won’t be addressed except few cases

There is lot of good stuff on the list, I am happy about that. But:

Humans seized some resources first and PP will take it from them by force. So PP are bandits?

So game is still in beta state in the most important aspect. And fixing this is not priority but to release DLCs.

P.S.: @UnstableVoltage Tanks for not answering my question about enemy drops.

Fixing things is absolutely a priority. DLC is done by a different team. We do both at the same time. Development on new content does not go on hold while bugs are fixed.

I didn’t answer any questions


Gosh, I need to rethink all my balancing changes to the game I wish to be there.

As I understood from the video OP skill combos are problem but not a priority. It will be done but not too soon. Pitty, because it is the most important aspect of the game. It is not some minor bug, it is the core.

Great. Fantastic.

I am curious, if this will require a new campaign and where those settings will be in the game.

Good that you still have WP to do that.

It is kind of Dungeon Master approach. :smiley:

it most likely will, this is the same thing that happened when they balanced the Dynamic Difficulty in the last patch. In an ongoing campaign, the DDR is already set and will adjust accordingly from wherever it left off… so even if any changes do take effect it doesn’t change the fact that the DDR is already at a high level or not. Depending on where you are in the campaign. So I imagine a new campaign is recommended.

Ok, that sound reasonable.

But will we have to go the options menu or what?