Big update today (4th March 2020)

Hi, we expect nice update today. There will be free patch changing a lot of balance things and adding new sub-facion. Along with it first paid DLC will come with even more additions. So given the nature of Phoenix Point what do you think will mess the game more:

  • Free patch
  • DLC Blood and Titanium
  • None of them and game will run better than ever before

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Unfortunately I will probably test it on Saturday so won’t be able to verify the poll on my own.

Haven’t been playing PP in a while, but it seems (and I could be wrong, of course) the game still has that lifeless feeling about it, like the maps are not really living breathing grounds where once Mankind and Life thrived, but just a studio set. And that takes me to the other poll you made, @Yokes, regarding the bases, which for me suffer from the same design. I don’t see my bases as a bastion of hope for mankind, but just as a dull PowerPoint presentation. I know the game takes place in the Apocalypse and so on, but that’s not an Earth i care about and want to save.


I admire people’s optimism.

Oh Yokes don’t be so negative! :wink:


Anybody know when the patch and dlc go live?

I’ve already complained to the Epic Store about why the patch and DLC aren’t available and have to realize that I’m not the only one affected. Probably it is due to PP again. :slight_smile:

The issue is on our end, not Epic’s.


Thanks for the update!

Thanks for the quick answer. You guys think you can get this done today? Every beginning is hard. :slight_smile:

The team are still at the studio working. The plan is still for a release today.


That sounds good. Can’t wait. Good luck.

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Thank you👍

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if none will be optimistic you and other people will leave this forum lifeless, so in the end even you hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Hey Unstable, any update on possible release time / chances for today?

Not at the moment. We’ll update when there’s an update.


Thank you for the response. Will keep checking back.

You’re all doing a great job. We just can’t wait to play the game.

So presumably their time is GMT +2. That means that they are working quite late. They’re dedicated to the cause of making us PP players happy. That’s great commitment in my opinion! Thank you developers :clap: :clap: :clap:

Def. the one they are working on. Last minute release chase never ends well.
I am (maybe mistakenly) assuming here that the holdup is with the DLC since there have been no patch notes.
Even after people kept telling them to take the time and do things properly I predict another mess with 1-2 critical hotfixes soon after, followed by 1-2 not critical but for ironing out annoyances and another rushed DLC to make the mess of things afterwards.

Something is installing…