Blood & Titanium - new timed missions

Unstable Voltage wrote this post quoted below, seven days ago, but I don’t see how I can respond to it. So, I’m writing a new post to ask my question:

Unstable Voltage wrote:
The Blood and Titanium DLC contains some narrative missions for The Pure subfaction. These missions give certain technologies as a reward, which are required to complete The Pure story arc. These missions are time-sensitive once they appear on the Geoscape, and should be responded to ASAP.

If these missions are missed, don’t worry - it is still possible to obtain the required tech in other ways (such as through stealing and reverse engineering).

We will be releasing a hotfix next week to provide a timer for the player to see how long is remaining to complete the missions.

My question is - has this hotfix been released yet that shows the timer for these timed missions, please? Since this was written seven days ago, I assume it is already patched in, but I don’t see anything saying that on the forums. Please advise.



No, the hotfix for this hasn’t been release yet. When the patch is released, we’ll create a new post for it on the forum which will be globally stickied to make it easy to find.

Thank you for the quick response. I guess it will be out this week, since last week you said “next week”.

Anyway, I find this forum horribly difficult to find anything. How do we find globally stickied posts, please? I found your post by accident, then could not find it again. I had to do a Google search with words from your post to find it.


If you want to spy on UV :sunglasses:

There is one quite a huge oversight with these missions… In my current campaign, that i started in South America,and that Pure mission occurred in Canada… which means there is no way to get there in time, as in the beginning i only have single satelite uplink, and plane doesn’t have enough of range to get there… so, mission disappeared for me just while scanning for next POI that would allow me to get there…

So either dont make it time sensitive, or make it spawn within player reach??

That’s great, noStas, but I only saw that blue top post once. Now, every time I log into the Phoenix Point forum, that sticky post is nowhere to be found. I don’t know how to get back to see it. I click on “Latest” and it’s not there like it’s shown in your screenshot.

I click on “Top”, “New”, “Unread”, not there either.

This forum is just poorly designed in my opinion, and I don’t know why they don’t go with a more standard forum platform.

Oh, and thank you for the link to the activity of Unstable Voltage!

It’s actually a very standard forum platform used widely, called Discourse.

All of the Phoenix Point relevant sticked posts are at the top of the Phoenix Point subforum.

For me this forum is better than most of which I have used. :wink:

I appreciate your response, but even when I click on the link you provided, there are no stickied posts at the top. Very strange. And, I AM logged in to my forum account.

They are just below buttons leading for specific forum sections. At least for me.

Internet Explorer Win7

Yep, noStas, I know the correct URL, and I know where to go. I’m just not seeing the blue sticky post any longer. It just be some kind of cookie thing with my Chrome browser or something. No matter where I go in the Snapshot Games forums, I do not see that sticky message you keep showing me.

No biggie. Just a weird anomaly or something.

If you don’t troll, try opening it in another browser.
I finish communication.

Most likely the problem is on your side.

Troll? Why would I be trolling? I truly appreciate the help you have given me, and I wish that it would have solved the problem.

Here is what I see when I go to forums.snapshotgame…com

select “Latest” instead of “Categories”. There you should have all sticked topics at the top.

Thanks, Yokes. I have tried that multiple times, and also tried New, Unread, and Top. I also tried the same from within the Phoenix Point forum. I never have a blue stickied note at the top. I DO see pinned posts, but no the blue sticky talking about the timed missions in the new DLC.

Very weird.

Hello - has this hotfix been released yet, that shows the timer for these new timed missions? The sticky post about the patch to add this was written 23 days ago, and that sticky note said the patch would be released in a week.

Has this patch been released yet, please?

It will be included in the patch which will hopefully be released next week. It was planned a couple of weeks ago but things have been delayed with the current global situation.

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Understood. Thank you for the response!

Should I agree to help Subject 24 (the Pure)? This is my second playthrough and the first one with DLCs (so I am pretty familiar with standard Tobias West’s stuff)