So we should talk about this (life cycle of Phoenix point)

Ok so i’m not here to rag on the game. most likely those that have stick this game out want to see its potential and that goes same for me. i want this game to succeed, i really like the system it has and most likely we will get the original promised DLC and some patches.

we got
blood and Tiberium:
which was extremely underwhelming. the pure were cool faction and i loved fighting them. but the lack luster cybernetics where all the players really got as new toys to play with. and that was about it. in truth it felt like a free update not a dlc.

we are still getting:
legacy of the ancients:
add ancient ruins and new tech and enemies.

festering skies:
adds areal combat
( if these are on the same level as blood and titanium. then they will also be very underwhelming.)

behemoths( unless they have been officially cut and i didn’t know)
water bases

i know games that were lack luster at the beginning can be patched into a wonderful state ( look no further than no man skies and warframe.) but those instances had a large amount of cash on had to spend the time to fix it. i know they got the epic deal but from what I’ve heard refunds are high.

so my question is how likely is it that snapshot is going to drop this game once they have fulfilled their legal requirements? am i the only one who is thinking this or do others have this concern?

Why though? They’ve updated the game frequently with patches ever since it launched. I don’t say this to defend the state of the game at launch; my opinions on that subject are all over this forum, but rather to say that the evidence points to the opposite of what you’re suggesting here.

Word at the time was that the sum was enough to cover a 100% refund rate had it been necessary.

What do you mean with legal requierements?
In my opinion snapshot will do their best before the Steam release. And the Future of PP depends on how successful will be the the steam release…

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While you’re entitled to your opinion about the DLC, a lot of people actually enjoyed it.

It was a $5 DLC. In many games, that would be a cosmetic skin for one character, maybe even less. Why do you feel that the developers should go to work and do their job for free? At the same time as the DLC, we also released a free update which included the Forsaken.

These are larger DLC packs. Legacy of the Ancients, which we’re already working on will add new map types, new missions types, new enemies, new equipment, more story mission.

Don’t believe everything you hear. The only people who know our refund figures are ourselves. I believe what you “heard” stems from one of the random YouTube videos that were hating on the Epic deal, claiming to know someone or have a friend who “works for Epic support”. In most cases, support staff for companies like this are outsourced and certainly wouldn’t have access to a client’s full records.

Pretty much. We’ve said from the start that we intend to keep working on PP for years to come. Adding to it and updating it, keeping it fresh and making it better. That’s what we’re doing. This is a big part of why we took the Epic deal - it gave us the financial security to make sure that the studio can still be around to continue to work on it.


Thats really good to hear. As i stopped playing After my First play throughs with all fraction. But i didnt stop because i was disappointed. I stopped because i want to feel the differences After 7 or 8 months (i Think it will feel like a new game) … and i have to play some others games and not enough time. (But i read here every day and iam looking forward to my next playthrough… i think in autumn :slight_smile:)
Thank you at snapshot games for polishing this diamond :slight_smile:

apologies for my ignorance as i forgot blood and titanium was only 5 bucks. for five bucks it is stellar. I am idiot and forgot forsaken was free.

I did not mean to insunate that we the gamers and intitled to free work. i was trying to use a measurement based on quality (FLC,10$ DLC, 20$ DLC) as price sets expectations. but again i forgot it was 5$ which in that case the dlc exceeds my expectations. apologies for being an idiot.

spot on for the where i heard of the refunds, nuff said.

i guess i keep underestimating how much that epic deal was actually worth. i knew that stat that even if 100% of the game refunded they would still make a profit but as a buissness i was concerned for how much of was profit was required to deam this game necessary to continue to be worked on.

Thanks for your response.

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That’s cool, that’s definitely cool to know! I haven’t picked PP in quite some time, but I still believe it can achieve an epic status!