PX-GL Firecat + PX-GL Firecat Magazine = Unlimited Grenades?

So I’ve ran Several ops now with Both above mentioned on my Heavy and… I have unlimited grenades now.

So how many grenades you can fire duirng whole mission

Unlimited. Main launcher never depletes.

Correction. Magazine says it holds 10 grenades. I fired 8 grenades, then it displayed that I had used 3.

I could’ve swore it says it holds 12

They hold 10 from memory, the magazine shows as two rows of 5. The trick if you never want to run out or reload…
3x technicians,
3x [PX-GL Firecat + PX-GL Firecat Magazine,
1x Armadillo with assault driver (in case a mindfragger jumps a tech)

So much OP goodness :smiley: I have 2 squads running the same setup and you almost want 3 crabmen to spawn at once just to watch the carnage.

…and you just destroyed all technology you could collect after the fight? (I am sure that I saw ‘xxx destroyed’ after using rocket launcher, I forgot to check it on GL while I expect similar effect)

Interesting. I can’t recreate that. No matter who has the Grenade Launcher and if he has spare magazine or not. I’m always able to shot only 12 times - and that is current size of that magazine. UI is glitchy here and shows only 10 shots, so first 2 shots are not displayed as used. But in your case after 8 shots it should show 6 used not 3. Well maybe someone else can figure it out.

Can’t say I have seen any thing about loot getting destroyed. At the end of each mission there is a long list of items gained from the mission. Far more than I have any chance of using. From crates maybe? Either way more items than I have any chance of using.

TBH why would you want or use any weapons the aliens have. Unless there is research I am missing out on?

Not sure if it helps any but I have been using the Firecats solidly and not seen the ammo miss count. I will keep a closer eye on it over the next few nights.

I’ve never noticed loot destroyed either, although maybe it’s referring to the weapons attached to blown up aliens?

I generally use non armadillo, but with 3 assault, 2 sniper, 1 heavy, and 1 tech, I’m using 7 GLs and 4 shotguns in there. :stuck_out_tongue: One assault has AR still as backup, and heavy and one sniper have PX pistols (for mindfragger clearing if need be). I don’t even miss MG on heavy, lol.

the list at the end is ‘from remaining crates’.
I will check it again but I was sure that after using the grenade I saw list of alien weapons destroyed.
you don’t have to collect them NOW in BB3. but I think in final version we could sell them, split into ‘alien components’ that we could reuse for modding or creating new weapons… I am just saying that maybe in BB3, Firecat combo looks promising, but I don consider it as OP.

I get what you mean with alien weapons, and yes, I believe that is correct. I disagree on the firecat though. Multiple firecats make pretty much any engagement (outside alien base, maybe?) absolutely trivial, to me. Cover hardly matters, and most crabs/fraggers are dead in one shot, or from start of turn 3-6 bleed points. A bad hit is fairly easy to solve by just dropping another bomb on their head. Or with a sniper round after initial hit. Especially as we don’t have to worry about preserving for research. Unless you mean you don’t think firecat spam WILL be OP in the future, when we DO have to worry about that.

yes, that was my idea.
I am sure this will be OP in early stage, when you are fighting against some cannon fodder. BUT as soon as they start to mutate and you can’t complete research because everything was destroyed… you are dead :slight_smile:

Because what was destroyed? Grenades and rockets don’t even scratch loot boxes X_x

Alien parts, weapons, potential loot that you can analyse later

Yea, totally agree. I don’t want them to nerf the firecat combo as it is loads of fun to use… but there will need to be a down side to using them I guess.

If we only get to sell the alien weapons I am destroying, who cares! There is so much loot pouring out the crates at the end of missions that make up for it.

HOWEVER, if we need to research the alien bodies, weapons, etc
The aliens hear the explosions and spawn in extras
Harder aliens appear if you wipe the floor too quickly
you get little to no experience from kills with explosives
the local faction gets pissed at you for destroying all their buildings…

Plenty of ways to punish players for over using the firecat with out nerfing the gun. The other thing they can do is make the gun extremely rare. When you find one it is like getting the BFG and by the time you find one, you are facing aliens much harder than the poor little crabmen. :+1:

Really? Was it so easy to finish XCOMs with laser weapons only? :wink:
There is one more, lore-wise action. Mutants evolve and create explosive resistant armour. done.

That will do it too! If they evolve so they do not bleed out from shrapnel wounds, it would make it harder too. I usually just throw one grenade into the face of each crabman on screen. Almost guaranteed any that survive bleed out end of turn. If they had armor that was grenade proof it would make for a very quick abort mission!

Also true, we are only using starter weapons vs starter aliens. The firecat might be a joke vs the next tier of aliens. My firecat squad might stop the manic laughter if a boss alien shrugs off the grenades and keeps coming towards them! LOL

  1. Remember that in full game you will have to pay for the ammo you have used to replenish your stock and all repairs that are needed for weapons and armour.
  2. Probably you will not hoard a lot of resources in easy way.
  3. You will need to chose between grenade launcher production or doing the research, or any other production like armours for new recruits (they probably won’t come to you all covered with +2 armour plates) or maybe some parts for vehicles, new building, facilities to recover your wounded soldiers etc…
  4. There will be other aliens than crabmen - some probably natively resistant to explosives,
  5. and some not resistant, but so fast that you probably won’t have the possibility to shot at them, because they will spawn and run between your soldiers
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Sweet! Sounds like everything has already been thought of! I better enjoy my firecat rampage while I still can! Thanks for the info!

Man I hate when that happens, ‘unstoppable bad guy spawns, runs across map, kills low health squaddy’. Hopefully they will have a weakness to counter it. That high ground and over watch suddenly become more important! Haha

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